2008 Finished Objects

G'day all!

What a big year of knitting it has been here at the Modest Manor v umpteen. Not that I have ended up with much to keep for myself, mind you...

Shop items

Baby wrap cardi - still in progress - can I squeak this one under the wire?

Nashua cabled cardi

Kira K tank - no link, no pics. Oops, never blogged this one but it really does exist!

Therapi wrap

Nashua cables n lace


Black Purl cardi


(Some of my new socks)

Christmas 2008 DH
Kroy socks
Fruit Tingles socks
Sockamas DH
Strawberry socks
Maizy socks
Queen of Cups
Spring socks

(Some more of my socks)

Solstice Slip
Maned socks
Tiger socks DH
Pretty Posh
Lenore (cheaty - finished this year)
Rainbow socks(cotton blend, unlabelled yarn from Romni Wool)
Husbandly Val 2008 socks

(all of Nathan's new socks)

Plus at least one more unpair - one has a mane, one doesn't. I think they are pair five in the pic and can also be seen as the bottom pair in the second pic of my socks. Who needs pairs of socks anyway? ;-)

Here's all the socks I started and finished this year, less the Kroy socks and Reticula. I have no idea how I forgot to pull them out for the photo shoot but that makes SIXTEEN pairs of socks! And I am wearing all of mine a lot! (except my lenores have gone walkabout - mebbe should check the Rhinebeck luggage as I may have worn them then...)



EZ ribwarmer (gone to a new home in Colorado - I figured my friend Myrtle had greater need than me plus her sheep Lulu provided the fleece and she rarely gets to see any yarn or FOs.)
Red tank
Pink camo tank
Wicked bolero
Drops top
Jedi jacket


Rhinebeck hat
Mystery Stole 3
Crocheted bag

I don't have good pics of two sets of cowls and fingerless mitts, a neckscarf and handwarmers, a pair of handwarmers, plus two wraps that I have not shown off in case I submit the pattern to an online mag - two handspun wraps, one processed from fleece to yarn by me for an allergic to dye sister. Also a Christmas stocking for a friend's kid. A number of little bags including the bag that was meant to be big but SWS felts *really* well... Probably a few other items I've forgotten, like the unblogged hand spun ribby hat that went with Myrtle's parcel - hope it fits her husband Tony!

Oh crap - forgot the baby singlet and pants (forgot to blog them) for Purplexity's baby, and finishing two shawls that were UFOs, but the latter don't really count cos they were not cast on this year...

Heck, can you tell I don't have a job? My fingers are starting to let me know that I should not knit as much - I am starting to get joint issues, boo hiss! I've made at least 53 knitted items/pairs this year and finished off other stuff. Holy guacamole!

I expect to blog once more this year but if I don't, I wish you all a safe and happy New Year with lots of yarn and fabulous projects that work just right :-)



  1. Wow, what a productive year!!! You have made so many things you must knit in your sleep!!!

  2. You've been busy! What a knitting year!


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