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G'day all!

It is a year since we flew off to London to get our new visas.  A whole year!

It's been a good year, a year with a fair bit of travel - London, New York (twice), DC and most recently Boston.  Family visited.  Family grew in size with a baby born, and more distant family has also grown.

But it's been a year!  How did that happen!

Since my last blogging, the days have stretched out further - the sun is setting after 9pm now and rises not long after five.  Twilight lasts a good hour.  I always wanted to go roaming in the gloaming and it seems I don't have to go to Scotland to do so.  The light outside tonight at 9:30 was an amazing pearly mauve.  It won't last, it doesn't last long, not all night, but it is lovely whilst it lasts.  (We are still southerly compared to London, but London is surprisingly far north.)

I'm trying to make the most of the long days but it has been a bit difficult recently because we've had a mini heat wave.

Yep, temps i…