A ribby FO

G'day all!

I have finally got realllllly bad pics of my most recent FO. You'd best turn your monitor's brightness down before you scroll down.

I wanted to finish this for Rhinebeck. Ahem. Well it's only nearly a month later.... Anyway the weather here is almost right for a ribwarmer now, at least in the mornings.

No matter what settings I put the camera on, if I was in sun the silver/white part flared reallllly badly. If I was in shade it looked even more rancid. Apologies for the white whiteness.


What is it? Well nominally it is one of EZ's ribwarmers but I had a totally different gauge. I figured out what the gauge is likely to be and worked from there. I made it a little longer. It closes at the front if I pull it slightly. It is all in garter stitch or "ridges."


I am still not sure about the self-striping yarn with the silver white. The self-striping stuff was not meant to be that saturated a colour - I expected pastels cos that is what I got last time I dyed it. I am contemplating overdyeing it with purple or something. It is all handspun CVM. I spun it rather rustic but that doesn't fuss me - I like the extra texture. If I want perfect yarn, I go buy it - takes a lot less effort and prolly not that much more money. Also, if I wasn't a lazybutt, I'd go find out what the sheep's name is. It is definitely a Black Pines Sheep fleece. ETA - Lulu. I should remember that - it's the nickname of someone I know.


I do like the way the short rows shape the top, though I do need to block it somehow to see if I can get rid of the second set of boobs I grow when I wear it.


OK, well I have to get pics of the other FO. And I have to write up the recipe for the lamingtons, though you will kill me for how easy it is. I am a cheaty person, you see. And I will do a post on my nuno-felted scarves. You guys will get first go at them, then onto Etsy they go!



  1. That's very clever and tricksy knitting there, the back was a total surprise!!!

  2. Love this pattern but dont know to get it,did you find it tricky to knit?
    Spinnings great too,is this fleece different to merino?


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