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Solstice, almost

G'day all!

Long time no blog.  And I am soooo happy that we are nearly at solstice because the gloom is starting to get to me.  Sunset at 4:18pm is much much too early.  And the sun only rises at around 7:45am if it can be bothered.  Some days we don't actually see any sun at all - it just stays grey and dim all day long, like living in twilight.

It's been truly flat chat around here.  Late November I was making a quilt to enter into a quilt show - didn't get in but mine joins the other 75% of rejected quilts.  I'd show you pics of it but I don't have good ones of the back yet.

Ah heck, lets show you some pics of parts of the front.  I don't have good shots of the back - every time it is clear and sunny here at the moment, I'm busy doing things other than taking pics of quilts!  But I do have to hurry up and get shots because I'm donating it before Christmas, which leaves me very little time indeed!

So I'm a member of the Seattle Modern Quilt Gu…