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Fare thee well

We are off again...

We came, we saw, we left again...

G'day all!It has been a truly whirlwind trip home.  I've hardly had time to catch my breath and tomorrow we fly back to Seattle.The wedding was lovely, the weather and tide could not have been better, and the wedding reception went totally off, thanks to some well applied nerf guns... I have a new sister in law, no more SIL2b.I've caught up with my family and with nearly all the in laws, certainly all the ones who came to the wedding.Pictures will follow but since I don't have my laptop with me, I have not downloaded them.My test results are all fine and I just have to tough out the pain of the scar tissue (but it makes me feel dizzy because it feels wrong so I might get some pt done on it, see if that helps).In some ways I don't want to leave but in others I can't wait to get back to Seattle and see what is happening there. Melbourne is Home, it has most of my closest family and a lot of my friends, but I sometimes find myself saying home and meaning Seattle. …

Forward, into the future!

G'day all!

In a couple of hours we will be boarding our plane to LAX.  Guess we'd better get a wriggle on, eh?

Then to Oz!  Forward, into the future!  Hooray!

See you


Fishing for sympathy

G'day all!

I am straight up looking for sympathy.

I was out enjoying the sunshine on my bike this afternoon.  I was having a lovely ride.

Then when I went to take off after stopping at a stop sign, my chain slipped.  My shoe got stuck in the corrugations of my bike pedal, I rolled my ankle trying to pull it out, fell on some very delicate bits on the bike saddle, bruised my dominant hand and then toppled over sideways.

So I'm laying on the ground on my left side thinking OUCH!  Certain parts were saying OUCH somewhat louder than others.  Some indeed were screaming OUCH.  But I didn't hit my head.  I didn't even stun myself.  Falling over hurt so much less than I expected it to.

There's a car behind me, thankfully stopped otherwise it could have been very exciting indeed.

I pick me and Percy (the bike) up and drag us both to the side of the road, limping.  I rub things and check things - sprained ankle, check, sprained/bruised thumb/wrist, check, delicate bits screa…

A little trail of woe

G'day all!

So I've hopped on the trolley bus (trolley lolly lo, don't ask me why trolley buses inspire me to say that whilst shopping trolleys, aka shopping carts for my American friends, don't) and I'm happily tidying up my stranded colourwork cardigan, when I hear the driver say "Wallingford." 

Wallingford is my stop so I pull the cord.  The bus screamed to a halt cos normally they say the name before they reach the stop.  Oops.   I gather up my bits and pieces hurriedly, shove them in the bag and hop off the bus.

The door to the Wallingford Centre, where you'll find Bad Woman yarn and the Wednesday knit night, is about hmm maybe 20 yards from where I got off the bus.  I'm sorta glad about that because as I started up the steps to the entrance, I had this weird sorta tugging feeling,


Oh my - missing in action!

G'day all!

I am such a slacker!  I have not blogged for weeks.  Pics for this post bear no relation to the content - they are the pics I have to hand.  And I hope they don't look as blurry as they do in preview mode cos they look awful.

It has been a busy few weeks.  I have built a lot of IKEA furniture (and have some pics to show for it).  I am a bit afraid of one particular item as it has now tasted blood (thanks to me being clumsy with the scissors opening the cardboard packaging) and I am not sure if it will want more.   The scissors have also tasted blood and we all know where that can lead....

Now that I am almost done with buying stuff at IKEA, I wonder if we should have joined IKEA family?  But too late, she cried, as she waved her wooden leg.  We are pretty much done.

The weather has varied from awful to OMG I'm so HOT!  These last couple of days have hit a whole 17-18-19-almost-20C!  And to think I thought that 20C was cold only four months ago.  Spring is defini…