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Clothworks challenge!

G'day all!

Whoops, how embarrassing!  I thought my Clothworks day was the 29th...  I'm a bit dyslexic about 6s and 9s.

OK, now where were we?

A couple of months ago, Susie from Clothworks (that link is to their blog, main website here) popped up on the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild with a Blue and white (and red!) challenge for a new range of fabric, Marsha McCloskey's "Everything Blue."  Clothworks is a fabric company with a variety of lovely collections of fabric.

I put my hand up and my little parcel of fat quarters arrived a while later.

I thought about what I wanted to make, and eventually decided that I would do one of my fave sorts of blocks - a log cabin, possibly wonky - and a new to me block - flying geese.  Flying geese blocks are very fashionable it seems at the moment and I jumped on the bandwagon.

Can you excuse the quality of the pics?  I hoped to get a nice day to take pics on but forgot on the last sunny day (I've been taking pics of my yarn sta…

Glottal incompetence

G'day all!

I have had a fun week of medical appointments.  I managed to knit quite a bit of sock whilst on the bus going to a different appointment each day - the sock got a foot, a heel and part of the cuff!

My three year breast cancer checkup came back clear.  This is extra good news as my type of cancer is more likely to come back quickly, within the first three years, as it is particularly fast growing and aggressive.

The otolaryngologist said he had good news for me.  That good news is that there is no obvious reason for my paralysed vocal cord.  The bad news is that apart from knocking me out and injecting it with collagen (to fatten it up so that it covers more of my trachea), there is little they can do about it.  I learned that I have achieved incompetence, hooray for me!, or at least glottal incompetence.  I am very glad I do not have to speak German or any other language that uses many glottal stops because I plain can't do them.  Even Talk Like a Pirate Day was a b…

Am I a little hoarse or a crow?

G'day all!

I've been putting off blogging cos I keep hoping I'll have pics of my new knitted FOs to show you all but umm well I don't.

So, you'll have to deal with pics of plants and places we've been and a couple of teaser pics.

I've been pretty busy recently as my sister, her husband and one of their kids were visiting.  They got a nice place in Capitol Hill, which in extra nice, low traffic times is a bit over 20 minutes away.  I've spent a lot of time shuttling back and forth from there.  It was lovely to see family here and we had my niece here in our place for three extra nights whilst her parents were off doing the Rocky Mountaineer.

It's a month since I stacked whilst walking on flat pavement.  I went back to the scene of the crime and honestly, there is one bit where there is a tiny lip on the edge of a concrete block but if it is 5mm higher than the rest of the blocks I'd be surprised.  There is also a big gap between a couple of block…