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Crafting meme

G'day all!

I was asked by the lovely (if a wee bit mad) Lynz to participate in the current blog hop doing the rounds.  Of course I said yes, and then just as easily misunderstood when I was supposed to post by!  LOL

So I'm Lynne, I'm really good at missing deadlines unless they involve harsh government penalties, and I like making things.  I live in Seattle in the Pacific Northwest of the USA but I don't come from here.  I like to tease people who say "I hear an accent" by saying "I hear you also have an accent".  Of course I have an accent, everyone has an accent, but mine's Australian and in particular Melburnian.  I knit, I spin, I quilt, I garden, I like going for walks and taking photographs of things (but not people, I'll explain later), I like riding my bicycle, going for drives (going for a drive a bit later on, will be grand!).  I've been known to bead, paint (walls!  prettily!) and do woodworking.  And I love colour!  And sunse…