Another FO!

G'day all!

In my last FO post, the keen-eyed amongst you may have noticed a purple top underneath the asymmetric jacket.

Ta-dum! (Doncha love the glow in the sun skin?)

Yarn: Noro Cash Iroha, colourway ?13?. It is very purple. It also lived up to the Noro standards, with bits of random plastic, straw and unidentifiable spiky things in it.
Pattern: Waist-cincher top from "Knitting Lingerie Style" by Joan McGowan-Michael.
Mods: I made the front a LOT higher and it is still a little low for my comfort. If I had left the front shaping as it was in the pattern, it would've been scraping my nipples (even if I wasn't wearing a bra!).

More pics. The back is scrunched up cos I didn't realise I hadn't pulled it down and my, ahem, "stylist" didn't know that tops should be neat and pulled down to the right place. Hmm, and that bra looks pretty icko too.

(no bigger pic to click on)

I now have to wash it a couple of times to see if the yarn softens more or see if I can find any more extraneous bits in the yarn - there's a couple of spots that irritate my stupidly irritable skin.

Hmm, I have the impression that I have at least two or three more pairs of socks (two knitted during January's sock fest) to show off. Admittedly one pair only got finished last week when I tied the ends in... and there are the Solstice Slip (phallic) socks that I finished last week. I do seem to be getting a bit of knitting done, more than I did in Fort Collins but it was so nice being out and about in FC and it is less nice here - I guess that is what cars do for a neighbourhood.



  1. I really love your top and what a super colour on you :)

    So glad you're online again.

  2. It's beautiful! Good job!

  3. I was wondering about that! It looks gorgeous on you!

  4. That looks lovely. I too understand the stylist who does not understand his role!

  5. Lovely top! Hubbies as stylists is not a happy combination :-D Mine specialises in taking fuzzy photos of moi :-D

  6. I have that book!!The top looks very good on you. Poor stylist, not doing so well!!


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