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Slow slow slow

G'day all!

It was a slow week this week.  Had lunch with a friend on Monday then had bucketloads of work to do.  The weather was dull for most of the week (after being brilliant early on Sunday) and well, it was a good week for getting work done.  OK, it took until Thursday for me to make any really good headway - I have way too many things I am trying to work on at once, all for the one project, and I keep overthinking stuff.  But the grey encouraged me to stay home.

Then on Friday suddenly the weather pulled a stunning reversal.  The fog and cloud cleared and the skies washed to a brilliant blue.  It is times like those days that I marvel that I live in this place.  I also decided I had worked four days and needed a break, so I took off to Richmond Beach, a place I almost went to a year ago but the six or seven way stop by the beach confused me enough that I took the wrong direction and went on an adventure (aka I drove around in circles for a while until I found my way out of t…

Time flies like a banana

G'day all!

Actually fruit flies like a banana but you get the gist.

I would love to tell you about all the exciting things I've done recently but umm they are so boring that I can't remember them.

Quiet is good but meh, I need a little jazzing up.  The weather has been dull again these last couple of days.  It hasn't rained, it has just been grey.  I am not good with grey.  I haven't been anywhere in particular (apart from knit night), I haven't seen anyone (apart from knit night and dinner out last night with various of Nathan's workmates, two of whom are friends before they were workmates, and one girlfriend whom I totally confused, with the help of Q).

I have managed to get a bit of crafting done.  I've had a quilt that I thought I might get done before Christmas (hahahahaha!).  It's now Feb and I've finally cleared it off the decks.  It needs its beauty shots done, along with two other little quilts but until the weather cooperates I can'…