A Finished Object!

G'day all!

Hooray for me! I have made Stuff! I have used Stash!

First up, let's show off the Blanket, aka the Jedi Jacket.

This was a very simple knit - all garter stitch with increases or decreases done at one or two edges. It is asymmetric. I used a pattern from Patons Oz - details somewhere down the page, feeling lazy no link. The book is discontinued.

(*puts on cowboy boots, a western drawl and swagger*) This blanket ain't big enough fer the two erv us!

The yarn is a recycled wool/cashmere jumper bought at a thrift shop in Fort Collins. The jumper was a *very* odd shape - the arms were longer than mine and the body narrower, like it was made for someone who had been on the rack. All the ribbed bits were darker wool - now they are stripes.

So you get some random views:

It even acts as a head shawl:

I have plans to overdye the jacket eventually. If it works, it will be Very Cool Indeed.

It is a very versatile piece - I can wear it upside down!

And if it is cold and I am wearing it upside down, it wraps right around my face! Pity about my belly though...

Alas, the op shops around here are pretty average so my sweater recycling program may not be so good any longer. The thrift places here tend to have LOTS of ACK-rylic jumpers and not much in the way of wool, let alone cashmere. Fort Collins must be an upmarket place...

In other news, it seems Arthur C Clarke has died, aged 90. What an innings! Wikipedia reports his death date as 19 March 2008. We are so far behind the times here that it is still 18 March - he always was in the future and even managed to die then!

Want to save a shrunken jumper? I don't have any that I want to sacrifice to test this apparent fix. Heh. Wikihow has some weird stuff on it, like making a simple hot water heater under the sustainable living category. I like the first instruction - buy a bottle of lemonade and empty it. I hope one empties it by drinking it first... otherwise it is less sustainable!

Anyone watch stuff on hulu.com?

A book on knitting techniques on google. I had it open at a decrease page but lord knows what you will find.

I reckon that is enough for one post. Back soon with another FO and something I didn't blog back in January. My bad!



  1. So cute! And perfect for the west coast climate!

  2. I love that jacket - it is a really great design.

    Look at your sunshine - we have driving rain and wind today!!

  3. The jacket is fab, nice bit of recycling/repurposing!

  4. What a great jacket. It definitely looks like a sci-fi vest!!
    How very amusing that ACC managed to die in the future. Not his actual death, but his timing!!


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