Friday, December 31, 2004

Last post 2004

G'day all!

What a year it has been, both personally and from a world-wide perspective. Highlights include getting married in September and the honeymoon in Western Australia, lowlights include the results of the elections here and in the USA. And this rotten tsunami. It has certainly been a year!

I wish you all a wonderful, fibrey 2005, where all your dreams and none of your nightmares come true :-)

Tomorrow: I unveil my New Year's resolution!

anon! until 2005 - only 5 minutes away by the time I post this!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Merry Christmas all!

Wishing you a most wonderful christmas and a New Year that will bring all good things to you.

I'm away for a few days but will be back before New Year, I think. It is all a bit amorphous as I have left the organisation up to Nathan. I may be home earlier than I expect!

If no pictures work, don't be surprised - the storage site (image host) is down for Christmas.


oh no! No image hosting over Christmas!

G'day all!

Well I am a very bad blogger. I have plenty to say but no time to say it in. By breakfast tomorrow I have to seam up the baby jacket and the pilchers. I have to get a jazzy scarf done by lunchtime. The boobie scarf is finished and wrapped for the MIL. I took pictures, along with pictures of the scarves I am giving various of the women who will be at our Thredbo Christmas party.

I would've gotten everything ready except that we frantically tidied the house tonight and got ready for the rellos to come around, except they didn't. They thought they had cancelled, but I didn't think they had - nathan's cousin called saying she was working and could she do it some other time? I didn't realise that meant her brother and her parents wouldn't come either. As it turned out, her brother had a prang (well he didn't really cos he wasn't driving at the time...) and her mum's car blew up tonight so they had no way to get here. But we only found this out at 8:45 this evening, when I was getting *very* hungry.

So instead of tidying, I could've been knitting and sewing together baby clothes! I would've been much happier. I also would not have cut my finger on a knife whilst doing three loads of dishes.

Topping it off nicely, there is not point me putting up pics cos my image host is being brought down for Christmas. It is a university machine and they have a rule that all non-essential machines be turned off for the Christmas break. Eeek! Hope that doesn't mean until after New Year! How will my blog survive?

Ah well. At least we don't have a basement. This means no pipes can burst in it because of the cold, unlike what happened to the Yarn Harlot. Of course if pipes burst here in Melbourne because of the cold, it would be *extremely* unusual because it never freezes here.

I hope to blog quickly tomorrow before we take off for the wild blue yonder. Thredbo is roughly 7-8 hours drive from here so we are driving 300km tomorrow night and then enjoying the rest of the drive (after taking on the mad Christmas rush of shopping on Friday morning) up into the mountains.


Saturday, December 18, 2004

Runaway train

G'day all!

Can any tell me where this year has gone? I was happily knitting away in winter, then started spinning on a hand spindle in spring and suddenly it is Christmas and I seem to have lost a year!

Just like everyone else it seems I am madly knitting in the leadup to Christmas. So far, I've only got two FOs to show for it - the diagonal scarf and the little black bag of bling that I made for my boss boss as her Kris Kringle.

And a closeup of the dragonfly button I used as a "clasp" and the stitch-work (mostly slip stitch on the coloured work). I dyed the yarns a while ago and have been itching to use them in something.

Tassin wasn't in on Friday. D'oh! I wanted everyone to see the little bag of BLING! I have strange ideas that maybe other people might want one too and might be willing to pay for one. I made Tassin's bag big enough to take a decent size wallet - most of the bags are just little things, big enough for an iPod or a mobile phone. Those ones are fun to make and don't take much time - an evening and they are pretty much done. Tassin's bag took about three evenings and several 23 minute train trips.

Heh. We went wassailing on Friday night. We went earlier than normal, which was good cos we could see the music this year (sunset is after 8:30pm here). As we wassailed around the block, this 3 or 4 year old boy went bolting past. Noone was bolting after him. So half the wassailers took off in hot pursuit and boy could that kid run! The rest of us waited. Then noone came along looking for him. He didn't like us singing. He didn't like anything. He wouldn't say what his name was and he wouldn't say where he lived - obviously he had been told not to talk to strangers. By now the he was getting pretty fractious, so one of my friends rang the police.

Turns out that he lives almost opposite the person who organised the wassailing. She thought it might be James but he wouldn't say that was his name and was pretty non-cooperative. He had been chasing a cat and did not appreciate being cut off in his pursuit of the cat. He was in the care of his Grandpa. James is a bit of an escape artist. He knows how to use keys and which key is for the front door. Grandpa had locked the front door and taken both sets of keys, but James knew where the extra special spare set of keys were, so he got them out and opened the front door to chase after the cat. Grandpa didn't notice cos he was changing the baby's nappy. Poor Grandpa was practically having a heart attack racing around the block looking for James with the baby in the pusher. The police had turned up when James had decided that maybe he would say where he lived. Grandpa's come racing back cos he met up with other wassailers who went around the block to see if someone was coming the other way. The copper's given Grandpa a grin and James a stern warning. James just tried to belt the door in so he could get inside. Totally unconcerned. Most of the adults were gobsmacked by his disregard for his own safety but what do you expect of a little boy who has just turned 4?

Better get me moving on the mother-in-law's scarf. Remind me to not knit things for people next year. Nathan's socks won't even be a sock before Christmas.


Tuesday, December 14, 2004


G'day all!

It is PANIC time! Yes, only 11 days to Christmas and I have not finished all the Christmas stuff. I don't think Nathan's socks are going to get done - I still have his mum's Boobie scarf to do, along with the Kris Kringle bag (which is waaaay OTT) for my boss boss by Friday and I have to work up some presents for the inlaws. Fun fun fun!

No pics today - gotta do too much!

But here is a link to a, ahem, "craft" that I haven't seen take off yet.....


Wednesday, December 08, 2004

G'day all!

It's been over a week since my last post. Sooo many things have happened. Topping it off nicely my computer access was dodgy and blogger wouldn't let me in and then I forgot what I wanted to say. Still can't remember but DEAL!

We have some pics on the menu today. I am going to show off the things I have been doing, except for one thing because it is for a friend for Christmas. Maybe I will show it off later. Maybe I won't. I can be a naughty tease sometimes!

Firstly the baby gear - the "soakers" or baby bottoms or golly, what did mum call them? Pilchers!


You'll have to wait to see the jacket - somehow the front is longer than the back, though they were the same length before I steam-blocked them.... Oha nd the pilchers aren ot yet seamed either...

The lovely sleeve knitted of some randomly coloured "baby pastels" cotton that I recently and the Bendi cotton I got way back in July. This is a pattern from 1000 Sweaters. It uses a *moss stitch* cuff - any Americans probably call it seed stitch. I am Australian. I call it moss stitch.

Pink and blue and green and white moss stitch cuff

Note the pretty colours of the cuff. The Bendi cotton is very matt whilst the other appears mercerised and quite shiny.

A scarf made from the odd ends of a lot of different yarns using a multidirectional diagonal pattern. I think I will send to a friend in England who particularly likes turquoise (gosh she has good taste!):


There are lots of different textures in the scarf and it seemed quite warm around my neck the other day.


Three bags of much bling. OK, three bags that are not yet finished. I'd like to sell these ones, once they are put together!
black bling bag

yellow and green bling bag

blue and purple bling bag

I made some gelati - ever so simple! 3 cups of fruit puree, 1/4 cup sugar and 2 egg whites. Only it turned into a monster as it churned and came exploding (slowly) out the top and everywhere else!

the gelati that ate Melbourne

Finally, the skies here have been like this a lot:

blue clouds over Clayton

Only often with lightning bolts - suddenly it seems we have moved to Sydney and are getting subtropical weather. A huge low pressure system is bringing warm/hot moist air down from the top of Queensland - that is three or four thousand kilometres away!

For those who want to know, it seems my father is getting better. Hooray! There has been plenty else happening at Casa Shandley recently but I think I'll leave it there for today.


Wednesday, December 01, 2004

A tale of woe

G'day all!

Oh what a tale of woe!

I am using Nathan's computer whilst he is out. My computer won't boot. Earlier in the week it crashed the browser repeatedly, to the point where I relogged in to my yhaoo! account 5 time in half an hour. So Nathan tried to fix it and now it won't work at all... Woe is me!

Plus my elderly father had a fall and broke his hip and is not in a good way so I am all in a dither. I think I'll have to drive to Geelong (about 1.5 hours away) to see him. I don't want him pegging it without me seeing him. But I won't get there until the end of visiting hours now cos it is peak hour as I write this and it will take an extra hour for the trip. I hate driving in peak hour traffic too, particularly as I have a manual car.

On the good side, our housemate is now our ex-housemate. Hooray! Her behaviour has been causing quite a great deal of stress. Now we have the place to ourselves - it is too big for only two but for the time being it is just right!

I have been madly knitting - currently the sleeve for a cardie for me. I am using a pattern out of 1,000 Sweaters, just to see how it goes. No I am not using the yarn called for - either Jaeger or Rowan. Can't afford that! BUt some good Bendi cotton, well that is the ticket, plus a ball of cotton I picked up at Wondoflex when I bought me a niddy-noddy to skein up my spun yarn. I had a spinning frenzy on the weekend and spun up some yarn at a Thanksgiving dinner (no I am not American but American friends wanted some friends to join them for dinner. And no I couldn't have any turkey cos it had normal breadcrumb stuffing - no turkey for thanksgiving!). People were absolutely fascinated by the spinning. I am making a Boobie scarf for my MIL, and I still haven't done the neckband of the baby jacket nor sew all the seams together. BAD me!

Honest, I will get pics soon but at present my computer stuff is all out of whack and I can't access some of my files from Nathan's machine cos it thinks it is naughty for him to see half of the pics I've taken...

Well that is it for the time being. Hopefully Nathan will work out why my machine leeps looking for a hard disk that doesn't exist and I'll get my machine back soon!