Almost there

G'day all!

I almost have an FO to show you! I've been working on it on and off for over two years, and finally!

Of course I was rather peeved to discover that I had a third of the yarn left = it could've been a third larger but oh well, such is life, que sera sera, etc etc.

But I don't have pics cos I cast it off at nearly midnight last night and have not yet blocked it - I prefer to sleep in my bed rather than block something overnight....

So what could it be?

I'll leave you to guess!

Christmas stuff is coming along. Did I rant about the auntly bag? The one that gave me nightmares that it was going to eat me alive cos it was sooooo big before I felted it? Haven't got pics of that either. It has been a mostly very dull week, both literally and figuratively - the Christmas presents and cards are all sent off, which took some time and I still have to put away the cards that are scattered everywhere. I discovered that family didn't get some of the cards I thought I had put in their envelopes, of course two days after I sent the stuff and until the cards arrive I don't know who missed out what, I've been avoiding Nathan's Christmas socks but should pull my finger out cos they are his Christmas present....

We don't have a Christmas tree, sniffle, cos I don't want to spend the money on it and the decorations. Instead we have a Christmas vertical blind, with glass birds (and one fake cardinal) clipped to it and a string of LED Christmas lights. The LED lights are boring - no interesting flashing and fading things, just on all the time. Very dull! We want epilepsy inducing flashing! We want slow fades from one colour to the next! We want twinkling lights that remind us of a low fire.

I am still ranty about the Oz Govt's lack of climate change initiative. All my hopes are now pinned on Obama (PEBO - when I say that, I say Pee Bow, which is phonetically the same as a brand of fly spray in Oz - hit 'em high, hit 'em low, hit 'em with the old Pee Bow (don't ask me to spell it, never used it, just remember the jingle)). I hope he has strong shoulders cos he is carrying half the world's expectations and hopes for the future.

Pics next time! And pics will soon be on Victorian, on the move of a recent unusual phenomenon.



  1. The flyspray is Pea-Beu.

    Here's a YouTube video of a more recent ad:

  2. This one's better, it has the jingle!


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