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Sunset over Puget Sound

Omg, drop dead gorgeous...

Australia Day

G'day all!

Ok, it isn't Australia Day here yet, but it's been Australia Day back home for about 16 hours now.

It is sorta weird being in a place that is similar but still quite different to home.  Homesickness is starting to kick in.  There's still plenty to explore here but I've started noticing a certain longing for familiar things.  I went to a knit night at Bad Woman Knits tonight - one of DH's friends lives in the same building.  That entertained me but it also reminded me that once again I have to start establishing connections with people.

DH's job is going great guns so far.  Tomorrow he will presenting to the Big Boss.  He's only been there for 2.5 weeks....

I am heavily into house/apartment hunting at the moment.  The place I've liked the look of most is the place that is furthest.  Typical!  It isn't particularly close to a supermarket either (though I now realise it isn't very far at all, I just forgot about a certain place that …

Wow, just wow

G'day all!

I am being a bit slow on this blog updating thing, huh?

We've been in Seattle for just over a week now.  We have had internet since Friday afternoon (for an apartment with laid on internet, it caused a LOT of hassle and running around.  I spent six hours with comcast until they said "Oh, it hasn't been paid for at that address" though the phone and the cable tv were with them.... It only took three hours to get the cable tv going.  No we are not having cable tv in our apartment, when we get one....)

It is minus 3 Celsius outside.  To my poor little Australian sensibilities, where if I was home in Melbourne it would be 32C (80s F), it is amazingly cold.  And I really need a nice warm winter coat.  I have a raincoat but it isn't insulated and so is not nice and snuggly warm.

I have been perusing legwarmer patterns on Ravelry.  I think they would be rather practical if I want to wear tights or leggings with my boots.  I have snow boots from my time in…