One year and a contest

G'day all!

One year ago, DH and I flew to the US. We landed in LA before we left home - ah the wonders of the date line (of course on the way back we lose a whole day!). (maybe I should've posted this yesterday to match up with the time we left Melbourne, not the time in the USA.... argh, time travel is such a pita!) We flew across to Denver and were collected by Nathan's possible new boss and driven to Fort Collins. Three days later, utterly charmed (particularly cos it snowed on us - our home doesn't get snow), we flew back home and prepared to move from our home to the USA. It was another three months before we moved but that is another story!

In celebration of the last whacky year, with all the trials and tribulations and kindnesses and sadnesses and above all change, I declare a contest! And some new socks! Some socks that have some differences between them!

Here are my Solstice Slip socks in Firebird from last year's STR club. They are an unpair. I finished them just in time for equinox. Hmm. Timing!

There are a number of differences between them.

I admit that three differences were unintended and due to me not reading the pattern correctly and instead doing my own thang. The other differences are just me being me.

(Can you believe I just spent half an hour cussing at the computer trying to get the pics online and had to get Nathan to help me, only to find that I had put a zero rather than an o in the fo of finished object? And then when I thought it was all sorted, I had another 15 minutes of cussing cos two of the small pics looked the same even though they have different names and are different pics on the server. I am a doofus!)

Post three differences in the comments and you will go into the draw to win

(that is some Piece of Vermont colonial wool blend sock yarn in Jam, a colourway that is much more subtle than my camera can show but is deep blues and purples and plums,

and some limited edition Rockin Sock Club STR 100% merino superwash in flower power,

plus a set of stitchmarkers)


Here's some hints - the toes, the heels, the pattern... but you have to say what is different, not just the toes, the heels and the pattern.

Competition closes 6pm PDT Sunday March 30 (or about midday on the 31st for Aussies). Oh and if you are a spinner let me know cos I'll throw a little extra in.

PS. The winner of my last contest never got announced due to stupidity on my part and a whole lotta travel and the yarn in question being packed up for moving. The winner of the handspun skein of Shetland wool is:

CraftyScience! Yes, Darrow come on down!



  1. It has been quite a year for you guys - here's hoping this next one is a bit calmer.

    One's a garter heel, the other doesn't seem to be. Both toes appear to be garter, but one garter section is longer (started with few stitches and increased further to compensate? or is one sock knit on more stitches?). And is there really one more column of twisty cables on one sock than on the other (on the foot)?

  2. Hmmm, I saw the first two things that Chris saw, but not the last. I could only find two things!

  3. Ooh I love competitions!!!
    One heel is garter,the other stockinette
    One toe is longer,a couple of extra rows
    And the pattern,you've added an extra couple of cables looking at where the top of the heel,one either side
    Now onto the rest of your post! Had to list above before I forgot,lots of males annoying me,LOL
    You ve certainly had an interesting year,love your photos too of the places you ve been!!!!
    It looks like you re a bit more settled?

  4. PS the cables are carried down to the beginning of heel further on one sock,I saw that but forgot that bit while being annoyed by the males,can I have the Computer,can I have the computer???????grrrrr
    Do I go in the draw with a broken entry?Pleazzzze

  5. Here are my guesses...

    One heel is stockinette, the other looks like garter.

    One toe is definitely longer and bloopier (highly technical term) than the other.

    And, on the close up picture, it looks as though there is a row or two extra on the bottom of the cable-y pattern before the heel in the sock on your right foot.

    But I could be completely wrong.

  6. Hey Congrats on your wacky year!

    1. One heel garter/one heel stocking
    2. One toe is longer and even pointier (?)
    3. You added an extra repeat of the cable before beginning your heel on one of the socks.

  7. Lol, well now that i have looked at the other comments i see i think i am spot on!

    1. i also saw the one heel garter, one stockinette
    2. one toe longer than the other
    3. an extra cable design in the pattern of one sock

    they look cute though!Congrats on surviving your first US year!!

  8. Anonymous6:37 am

    1- one heel is garter stitch (or reverse stockinette?) and the other is regular stockinette.
    2- one toe looks like it is garter stitch and the other looks like reverse stockinette (one is bumpier than the other); one toe is longer than the other too.
    3- one sock has more cables continued down the top of the foot than the other does.

    Kassia :)

  9. Hmm, creative differences between socks...

    1. One heel is garter, one is stockinette.

    2. One toe is longer (and a bit pointier) than the other.

    3. One sock has an extra cable repeat.

    It all just adds to their charm!

  10. 1. one heel is gerter the other is not
    2. one cable repeat goes further at the heel
    2. one is for your left foot the other for your right! (ok.. one is bigger than the other) but they are made to fit their intended feet that way!

  11. I'm tired just hearing about your year! One heel is stocking net stitch and one is garter, one toe has more decrease rows and is longer than the other (hey, everyone has one foot bigger than the other) and there is an extra row in the cable repeat of the pattern. IF you hadn't directed everyone's attention to these unique design elements and provided close up pictures then nobody would have ever noticed. Cheers!

  12. 1. One heel is garter the other is stockinette.
    2. The toe has more rounds on it or is decreased at a different rate than the other
    3. The pattern is different, in that you did it over more (4) stitches in one sock than in the other where it is only over 2 stitches I believe. can't quite see the number on that sock

    Have fun with this contest.

  13. One has a garter stitch toe and heel. The other has a stockennet heel and reverse stockinette toe. (The reverse stockinette appears longer, though that may just be that the garter stitch pulls in more vertically.) They're both short-row heels, but the St st heel one nonetheless looks like it has a few more stitches that are decreased along the arch for several rows. One has 6 cables and the other only 5. The St st heel one definitely has one more repeat of cables on the cuff.

    OK, that's all I can find off the top of my head!

  14. One toe part is longer then the other.

    One heel is stockinette, one is not.

    There's more cable bits on one then the other.

  15. G'day to you! I have a friend in Melbourne... where are you? (an Aussie came to Maine and took a Mainer and their baby back with him!). Anyhow... garter heel on one, stockinette on the other. One toe is about an inch or so longer than the other, did you decrease every row on one and every other on the other? The pattern is harder to see... In some of the pics it looks like maybe the cables are a bit longer on one sock, but I wonder if the pattern issue is that you wanted to reverse the pattern for one sock and didn't? (found you from Chris)

  16. I'm agreeing with everyone else -- the heels, toes and cables are different. I could get finicky and say that the pooling is also a little different but of course that's what you get with these sock yarns. :-)
    Will you have enough yarn to go back and add another cable repeat to the shorter sock?

  17. 1 - the toes are longer on one sock
    2 - one heel is knit, the other is purl. Also, the pattern fades into ribbing before the heel of one sock, not the other.
    3 - one sock has 5 cables, the other has 6

  18. Whoops - just looked heel is stockinette, the other is garter stitch. Not purled.

  19. Robyn1:18 pm

    I can't believe it has been a year (I started reading your blog just before the big move!)

    My guesses for the design differences
    1 stockinette/reverse stockinette heels
    2 increases on one toe over more rounds (did you tart with fewer stitches?)
    3 The number of cables at the ankle - did you do fewer cables across the top of the foot or did you do one heel over larger proportion of the stitches?

    I have spun in the past but am without a wheel or the space for one - I do have an Ashford spindle (which actially has some brown Aussie merino on it) R

  20. My guesses
    1. the heels are different
    2. one toe is longer
    3. something looks different about the cables

  21. one is a garter stitch heel.
    one toe is a wee bit longer than the other.
    An extra cable repeat on one leg.
    They look great regardless!!

  22. While it feels a bit cheap to post an answer while all the answers are listed above, I did actually look at the pictures and pick these out myself before looking at the comments. :)

    1) The heels are different stitch patterns- specifically, one is stst and one is garter

    2) The toe is longer on one than the other.

    3) There are six cables on the top of one foot and five on the other.

    Happy one year!

  23. A year already?

    Time flies when you're moving halfway around the world.

    I'll pass on the contest since I don't need the yarn ! :-)

  24. OK - count me in.

    1) one heel garter, one stockinette

    2) the toes are different lengths

    3) different number of cable repeats

    Love the yarn!

  25. On one sock the heel is st st while the other looks like garter st.

    On one sock the toe is longer than the other.

    Are the cables going in opposite deirections on the two socks?

  26. One heel is garter, the other is stockinette, one toe is a little longer than the other, and the sock on the left has one less cable before the heel starts.

    Thanks for having a contest! The prizes are beautiful!

  27. Happy - hmmm what do you call it? How about Arrivalversary?

    the 3 differences are that one heel is garter the other stockinette, one toe is longer than the other, and there is an extra cable twist on one sock than the other above the heel.

    But who would ever notice!

    I love the yarn prizes and also the markers. Fun contest!

  28. Fun contest!
    1- Heels: one is garter stitch and the other one is stockinette
    2- Toes: one is garter and the other one is reverse stockinette
    3- Pattern: the last cable crossing before the heels is closer to the stockinette heel than the garter one, and there is one more cable going down the foot of one sock (the stockinette heeled one)
    Those are lovely socks, and the differences make them that much more interesting!

  29. Wow your competition brought out a lot of commenters! Did the year go quickly for you? It has certainly been a year of ups and downs.

    Anyway - I didnt peek at the other comments so here are my guesses:

    Stockinette heel/garter heel
    Extra cable on heel/foot on one sock.
    The other thing I think is the waving vs twisted cables.


  30. blogless in NJ2:49 pm

    Well I hope the next year is all wonderful and productive.

    Here are my guesses (with the aid of a magnifying glass)

    The toe on one of the socks has more rows than the other, the heel on one of the socks is done in garter, the other in stockinette, and I think there is an extra cable twist on the stockinette-heel sock than the other.

    Oooh - I hope I win! I'm ready to come on down!!

  31. What a year! Thanks for holding the contest. Here's my list of 3:
    1. Heel - one is garter, one is stockinette
    2. Toes are different - one is garter and one is stockinette(?)
    3. Extra cable column/repeat

    Congrats on finishing the socks!

  32. One heel is garter stitch and the other is stocking stitch.

    One toe is longer but it looks like both are in garter stitch.

    One foot has an extra cable across the top (6 instead of 5?)

    Good contest. I'm having one now as well.


  33. Anonymous6:37 pm

    thanks so much for offering your contest! i've had plenty of socks turn out wonky, too! especially when i knit one, forget about it, and then get to the other months later!

    here are my guesses:
    one heel is garter, one isn't
    one toe is longer than the other (more K rounds between decrease rounds?)
    extra cable repeat on one sock

  34. Jersey Jessie7:14 pm

    Here in New Jersey, we call that style :-)

    One toe is longer, the heels are different (stockinette vs garter) and different numbers of cable twists.

    I love the yarn prizes and the stitch markers!

  35. Hrm. One heel is garter while the other is stockinette, the toe on one of the socks is longer, and it looks like one has more cable repeats? They're still gorgeous socks. (also, I'm a spinner, too. And you produce lovely yarns as well as lovely socks.)


  36. Ok, so the one heel is garter whereas the other one is stockinette. It seems to me you maybe tried out two different forms of toes? They don't look the same anyway. And did you turn the pattern on the cables? That's what I thought, but my eyes are not really agreeing with me today, so who knows... I'll try that anyway... the socks look great by the way , and very comfy!

  37. - One heel is stockinette, the other is not.

    - One foot has five cables across the top, the other has six.

    - The cables twist very close to the stockinette heel, but on the other sock there's a short piece of ribbing between the cables and the heel.

  38. One year - that went quickly!

    Ok here's my answers:
    1. Garter hell on one sock, stocking stitch on the other.
    2. The toe shaping is different - one of them is more tapered than the other.
    3. One of them has six rows of cables on the foot section and the other has five?

  39. O wow o wow!

    I also had completely forgotten :)



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