new neighbour and an FO

G'day all!

It is brrrr! Chilly here today, trying to rain, not very successfully mind...

We have a new neighbour. Dangit. He likes his subwoofer. Our place is vibrating even after he's turned it down a bit. We have another umm how many months of lease to go? It wouldn't be such an issue if the walls were not vibrating, and he didn't start at 7:15 on a Sunday morning....

We are going to have to play music to help override the vibrations. And we've been thinking about making wall hangings, well now we have more impetus! 8-)

Last night we went to a performance by the Bay Choral Guild. We found out about it from a friend who is a member. They sang a rang of carols from Eastern Europe. The carols were lovely, even if I did not understand a word of the songs (except for hallelujah). To show you how juvenile I am, I tittered inwardly when I found out God in Russian is Bog. (Bog in Australian slang, like Brit slang, means toilet.) The performance was held at a local methodist church. Nathan liked the church so much he went along to a service this morning! It has a very grand organ and only one organist. (DH rubs hands together.) He said I should go along next week (though I am not a God person).

So the other day I handed over the commissioned cardi. It turned out very nicely indeed:

(It's lacking the button cos I had yet to meet with its commissioner to chose a button.)

I think I need one for me! But in me colours.

(Excuse the blurry oic and my saggy baggy trakky dax)

It is Emily A53 by Black Purl Designs. It has nice touches, like all the shaping is done three stitches from the edge so you get nice seam shaping.


I must say that learning how to mattress stitch seams has been a godsend for my finishing. Seams look so much better!

Finally, if you have not seen kitteh likes his nom nom broccoli, go here. He really seems to be eating it and is very cranky about sharing!

Plus this lol-bluebird of "happiness." Oh my word!

This knitted jacket looks pretty funky. I guess it will go onto my ever increasing Ravelry queue.

Hokey dokey, that's me done for the mo.



  1. Yep, chilly and raining here too!! It is a nice cardi, they are hard to find!! I love Mattress stitch too, someone showed me a few years ago and I have never looked back!! I love the ICHC cats and the IHAH Dogs!

  2. Depends what you define as chilly - tis about 4 degress C here at the moment :-D And the light goes at 3pm - but it is sunny today so we don't mind!

    Love the cardi!

    The broccoli kitty is hilarious :-D

  3. Let the management know about the noise...there are rules about how early people can do it... or... get an air horn and blow it in their direction at about 3am. If nothing else, it might end your lease in short order! (-:

  4. Eek - that is early to be playing with his sub woofer. You need to play him some Rolf Harris - that'd sort him.


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