The Most Beautiful Socks in the World!

G'day all!

So you are still waiting for pics of Yosemite. Hopefully I can distract you with pics of The Most Beautiful Socks in the World!

It is easy to tell when I am enamoured of a project. I take LOTS of pics of the finished item and then I foist them onto you!

(That is assuming I can work out how to get Flickr pics here - should be easy but I am not grokking it cos I can't figure out how to get the right size pic here. Let's see if this works - I am used to writing my own html code to get pics up not having blogger do it for me)

kaibashira sock

Well I get a link but no pic in the preview! What is with that? It looks ok except for the javascript (about which I have no clue whatsoever!).

'Scuse - I'll try posting instead and see what it says. Nope, that ain't working on my machine! Maybe I'll get rid of the javascript, see if that works now...


How about I try writing the html myself, see if that works... but what a pain!
kaibashira sock

Nope, that ain't working either. How's about we try seeing what Flickr says. I've authorised blogger to access the pages (click the button saying "blog this!" on the pics and it takes you to a set up page. After you've authorised it, you can blog directly from Flickr but HOW TEDIOUS! One pic at a time!).

OK, I think I have it now. I need the jpg, which I don't have at the moment. Let's see if this works.



OK, back in another post with the rest of the pics - be warned, there are lots! And lots to come of Yosemite and Tahoe...but the latter will be on Victorian, On the Move



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