FO - red tank

G'day again all!

Just in time for winter*, I give you

The Red Tank. 'Scuse the colour aberration - this is really quite scarlet.

It has a little "lace" at the bottom with beads crocheted onto the points to help control curling.


It has beads around the neckline too. They look wonky in this shot but in the "flesh" they look quite good (and I don't look that pink... Oh and in the bigger pics if you are wondering what the light coloured fluff is, that'd be my hair...). Two different rows have beads on them, contributing to the wonkiness.

*It reached 28C here today. That's around 80-something. I thought autumn had come but am not so sure at present....

I am quite pleased with this knit. I cobbled it together from two other patterns. It does have a problem with the armholes rolling in some, despite a round of crochet, and then shows the dread fell bra strap. The yarn is Cascade Yarn "Sierra," bought at the late, lamented Knitting Arts. It took less than three skeins - just as well too as I only had three skeins to play with.

Three sleeps to go before I go to Rhinebeck!



  1. Nice tank. I really like it- especially the beads. Not wonky looking at all. Too hot here for me at 24*C. I want Autumn back!!

  2. Gorgeous tank! It is so cold here we have the heating on.

  3. Cute! I like the bead details.


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