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Farewell May

G'day all!

It is almost June already.  Where has the year gone?

This May has been interesting.  It is a month of changes, of farewells - both my parents died in May, many years apart - and this year is no different.

Dunno what it is about May but if it weren't for the beauty of spring and early summer here, I'd go a bit nuts.  (More nuts.)

A while ago, DH was approached by a recruiter.  This happens quite often - the IT industry is really quite incestuous and they are always on the lookout for good people.  They thought that he was a different person of the same name, but it turned out that DH was in fact the right guy.  They had discussions and then those turned into interviews, and the upshot is that DH is leaving Amazon.

This means getting new visas.  Yay!  Not.... Every time we have to get new visas, we have to do mounds of online paperwork.

Sorry, that is I have to do mounds of online paperwork (and sometimes real paper paperwork too!).

We also have to supply fairly c…

Syttende Mai the third

G'day all!

It amazes me to think I've now seen three Syttende Mai (Norwegian constitution/national day) parades.  This is my third Spring in Seattle and I have to say I am still appreciating them.  It is even better now that I can ever so slowly dig up some dirt and plant things.

It is slow work digging up the grass - it has been around for quite some time and is very resistant to being dug up.  Sometimes the spade will only bite in about a centimetre and then nope, no further.... The good news is that my back isn't giving out, so all the work on developing core strength must be working!

Gardens around where I now live in Seattle remind me of gardens in Melbourne when I was a kid.  We never worried about water then - there was plenty of water!  It rained consistently.  We grew rhododendrons and azaleas and wisteria and lilacs and roses and clematis and various delicate woodlandy type plants and they all did well.  Then we had a twelve year drought - it did rain but we only…

May the Fourth

Be with you, always.

G'day all!

It isn't quite May the Fourth here yet but no matter.

Isn't it odd how geek things have gotten into public consciousness?  Like May the Fourth.  I can remember one of my uber Star Wars geek fan friends telling me all these things, and I absorbed them like any good little geek would.  And now they are common place.

Star Wars made me a fortune!
Paid off the mortgage!
Bought me a car....

The internet has certainly helped.  It has made it so easy to spread memes and sayings and geek culture.  It has given the introverts voices and forums to chat with like minded people and really brought geekdom into being pretty much mainstream.

Weird, huh?

It is so normal for me to interact with geeks in person and online that it is a bit of a shock when I find someone who just stares at me and I realise they have no clue what I am on about and may even be a bit horrified by my expressing myself that way.

We are well into Spring now.  We had a taste of summer …