G'day all!

Here's a little top I finished the same day as the Nashua lemon cable and lace cardi.


It's made from Knit1 Crochet2 Wick (rav link). Wick is a weird yarn. It is stretchy and bouncy - great for fitted items. It is a mix of polypropylene and soy. It is a knitted yarn - a tube of knitting that you knit. It is very snippy about the slightest roughness of hands and needles and catches/snags a lot. I would not recommend it for outerwear that is likely to get snagged or rubbed against by rough surfaces. But it is fun to knit...


It is a top down raglan using one of the online calculators (too lazy to link it, my bad!). All bar about three rows were knitted continental. continental is not a big win in time for me as my usual knitting style is pretty quick, but picking does give me a break from the usual knitting. I am practising picking without looking at the knitting. It is a very useful thing, being able to knit without looking at it - that's how I manage to knit and read or knit and watch DVDs.


I wanted a little bolero type top to wear over singlets (shells/tanks) when riding. Have I used it yet for this purpose?

(That's my sardonic look - oh gawd, I have to take photos of me! I'm not fond of photos cos I'm not babe-licious but if I have to be in photos, I'd best try to look pleasant. Oh and I am half-blind without my glasses...)

Nope! But it will happen. It just has to be warm enough - we've had lots of cool weather recently, though the last couple of days have been into the 30s (80s). I've almost had to wear jackets during the day! And there were even CLOUDS last week - first we saw since a week or two before Nathan's mum arrived for her visit.

The FOs will keep on going *if* I can find the first sock of an unpair, knitted before we moved, and *if* I get pics of a tank I finished yesterday (DH expects to find a fully armoured, knitted tank with automatic sensors and a big gun turret now, not a little sleeveless top...).



  1. you weren't kidding when you said you were on a finishing kick. Looks great, and you should sooo get contacts, you look great!

  2. I think we'd call it a bolero jacket here :) It is really pretty and looks brilliant on you!

  3. I like both of the green things but I think this is my favourite and I love the pooling!! You look very contemplative and maybe a little royal: I think you look great!!!
    Good luck with the curtain.....

  4. Woot you've been busy! Another cute cardi!

  5. What a cute top! I'm new to knitting and am always on the lookout for new projects to try!


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