Friday, June 23, 2017

Ten years

G'day all!

Today marks ten years since we first moved to the US.




My doesn't the time fly?

It has been interesting - I've learned a heap along the way, seen a bunch of stuff.  I've learned and grown and changed.  One can't really help it.

And I must publish this as a little note so that it gets today's date on it, not tomorrow's - 23 June 2017 is ten years since Colorado.

Ten years, stretching out.  So many memories, good and bad!  Some of my writings from June 2007 are a hoot, so enjoy!


Sunday, June 04, 2017

Heavens to Betsy, a finished object (or two)

G'day all!

I've had a frantic few weeks.  Okay, couple of months.

We've finally reached a detente on the crappy weather here - we're getting glorious summery weather interspersed with mank - pretty typical in June here really.

I've been busy making a quilt.  I didn't realise making a quilt could be a full time job and more but boy did I work on that quilt for weeks for many many hours a day.  However, until it reaches its recipient, you can't see the quilt.

Instead, I offer you a bit of knitting.  It's a cardigan, believe it or not.  I started off with a bold choice for me - burgundy and gold and white stripes.  And I hated it.  Not me.  Not colours I wear or have stuff to wear under it.  So I changed it, overdyed the gold yarn to make it green, changed the burgundy for blue and SURPRISE!  Colours I will wear happily.

This is not an FO

::Rolls eyes::

I've had some quilts done for ages.  I'm having a bit of a love/hate with the first one - I love the fabric, I think it is so pretty and lovely but I'm not so pleased with the fabric designer.  It's not a personal thing, mind, it's just something that made me somewhat more of a Tula fan.

I have fun with my free motion quilting.  I just do stuff as it happens.

When I'm doing the backing, I often like to have co-ordinating fabrics and also use up scraps and excess blocks from the front.  Sometimes I have to cheat.  I nearly always do pieced backings, though the most recent finish doesn't have anything from the front on the back.  This one does.

The back - this is a really badly centred shot, sorry!
The front is pretty.  Very simple, just pretty.  I was going to set this one free into the world but I sorta like it so I'm currently vacillating between gifting it and keeping it.

One day I'll stop relying on phone shots of the quilts for blogs.
That day has not yet come.
Then there's this thing.  I had some charm squares that I bought, thinking they would be pretty.  Nope, hideous.  Hideous the lot of them.  So I put them all together and made a two faced (or two backed) quilt.  Got rid of some of my favourite and least favourite Rowan fabrics too.

Front or back?
It's one of my more hideous creations but I'm owning it (though I haven't put a label on it!).  I am going to get this quilt free in the near future when I find a place to donate it too.  I think it is awful but someone out there will like it and think it is really cool.

Front or back?
I hope ;-)

I've got some other quilts done earlier in the year so I should share them.  Some of them need to find new homes too.   I've done a bucket-tonne of knitting too.  It occurs to me that I don't have beauty shots of the knitting.  Should get them.

Finally a few shots of happiness and joy in my garden.  Some Austin roses and hyoooge poppies like we are not allowed to have in Australia.  We can have Flanders/Corn poppies and Californian ones and Icelandic ones but we cannot have ones that look like opium poppies.  Woecakes!

And strawberry season has arrived!


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The long winter

aka the winter of our discontent.

G'day all!

Long time no blog.  It's been a pretty rancid winter here, cold, wet, even quite a few snow days!  And very very grey.

Daffa-daffa-daffa-daffa- daffodils

But Spring is now here, or at least the plants assure me that Spring is here - the (cherry) plums are flowering and so are the daffodils.  The crocuses have croaked and the pears are getting ready to flower, along with the tulips.  The stellate magnolias are coming into full bloom.



Stellate magnolia

So nice to see Spring at last.


I've been making stuff all the way through.  DH started a new job and that has been umm interesting, often in the Confucian sense.  We've had a trip to California out of it, a trip that brought almost record amounts of rainfall to those parts (yay us?).  And we aren't mentioning politics but that is hella interesting too.  I have learned a lot about how politics works in the States over the last while.

If the weather continues to improve I might be able to get some outdoors shots of all the things I've been making.  Pretty much every semi-decent day recently has been rather windy, making it hard to get shots of stuff as it blows away.... The lighting inside has been pretty average most days.  The few good days I've spent out in the garden, prepping it for spring and summer planting.  I've got to find places to stick two quinces, a nectarine and two American pawpaws.  (I think they are pawpaws.)  And there's some hardy kiwifruit too.  That will make about 10 or so different sorts of fruit trees on the property.  Hope I can share some pics later in the season when they aren't just bare sticks!