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It bites

(Not such a) G'day all!

I've been all of a twitch recently.  I read my cancer's pathology report.  Then I looked up research papers.

I wish I hadn't.

I know what the words mean.

Then, today the (recently stepped down) president of my footy team in Oz died of melanoma.  He was only six months older than me and has been engaged in battle with the blasted thing for 2.5 years.  RIP Jimmy Stynes.  You will always be a legend.

Last year my fave footballer, who played alongside Jimmy and also came from Ireland (though he was technically Scottish), also died.  He was a year older than me.

So I am all of a twitch.  These deaths cut way too close to the bone.

People often tell me how well I deal with it all, the cancer stuff and all that crap.  Y'know how I deal with it?  In a good old-fashioned human way of ignoring it.  It is too much to cope with, so I ignore it and hope that if I ignore it, it will forget about me.

I'm overdue for my 18 month checkup, due to the move…

Two months

G'day all!

Two months ago, we arrived in Seattle.  It feels like we've been here a lot lot longer than two months.  Almost like two years, except if that was really the case, we missed out on two summers.

I am understanding what people mean when they say Seattle's weather is changeable.  I thought I knew what changeable is.  After all, I've lived in Melbourne for most of my life and my darling Melbourne has weather that can be very excitable indeed.  But not quite as changeable as Seattle's it seems.

However, is it worse than when DH lived in Scotland (St Andrews) for a year when he was a kid and the local saying was "It's a nice day at the moment?"  And if it hit 25C (say mid-70s F) everyone died of heat exhaustion?

Spring is starting to spring around there.  The crocuses (croci?) have been out for a couple of weeks, the daffodils are coming into full bloom and the cherries (we call them cherry-plums) in Australia are just starting to go gangbusters.