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Oh my, time flies

G'day all!

I was sure I had written a post recently but apparently not.

MiL and FiL arrive tomorrow night!  It seemed like an age away then a few weeks, then a week and now only a day!  And topping it off nicely, I misread the forwarded message (it is in about 6pt and a grey font) and thought they arrive on Sunday.... so we will be very busy people tomorrow.  Whoops!

I've been madly making stuff and trying to get work done and tidying but we have a bit of tidying to go alas.  And cleaning.  And Seattle's garbos (rubbish bin collectors) are on strike so it could get a bit dire, especially at the rate I am going through stuff here and cleaning things out.  It amazes me how much stuff we accumulate so quickly and how much packaging and random odds and ends just build up.  You (I) hang on to things because "they might be useful" or they haven't expired or whatever but they never get chucked out until a thorough cleaning happens.  So out it goes!  Into recycle, co…

Fourteen hundred posts!

G'day all!

It is a month away from my eighth blogiversary, and I've just discovered I've made 1400 posts (including this one).  I've been pretty slack over the last year otherwise we would have had 1500 posts by now - I've had other things distracting me, like some stories that must be written NOW and moving and settling into a new place, again, and just being me.

For those of you who have been here from the start, congratulations cos you've put up with a lot of blathering - you must be suckers for punishment!  But I like you anyway :-)  For those who are newer, nice to see you, don't be shy - now that Blogger's commenting system allows replies of sorts it is much easier to reply to comments if I ever remember to do so!

We are in the countdown to my parents in law visiting at the end of the month.  I have lots to tidy away - being multicraftual means that I have plenty of things out that really should be tidied away.  We need to make a nice space for th…

This really should be

G'day all!

This post really should be under my travel blog but it's easier to put it here.

On Independence Day, we at last went for a drive in my new baby.  A random drive to the Cascades where, guess what? We found a cascade!

It took a bit of huffing and puffing - when they said the track was steep, they were not kidding. Because it is only a state park, people could bring their dogs. The big dogs were fine but some of the little ones were struggling (much like some of the kids and some of the adults). One Boston terrier was whining pathetically but its human was not in much better state. I am pleased to say that whilst I may have huffed and puffed, I did keep on going and on the way back down managed to run part of the way (mostly because it was run or fall over...).

The track along the old railway grade was much easier but of course did not go to the falls.

Finally, the berries above are my new favourites. Tayberries, a cross between blackberries and raspberries I think.  …

Eeek! July already!

G'day all!

I am surprised to find that it is July.  It does not feel like July - well it sorta does cos it was cold and grey and drizzling this morning, which is typical July weather.  For a place 8,000 miles away in the southern hemisphere that is....

I have been assured over and over that the weather will improve after the Fourth of July.  Over and over.

And lookie here:
 The weather forecast, cribbed from Weather Underground with my phone.

I do rather think they might be fibbing but if they are not, good lord, I won't know what to do with myself.  I suspect I shall have to dig out my small hand fan I bought in Sydney, and I might even get to use the sunscreen I bought!  People say I don't need to use it but I beg to differ - apparently I can even fry myself this far north.  Even on days that only reach 25C.  I did it in May and early last month on a couple of sunny days.

I managed to clip off the last woven in ends and wash a top I finished in Sydney - I did not really …