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The Eagle has Landed

G'day all!

We are now in sunny San Jose!

Gosh it is good to be here. It was even better to see the sun - does a pall of cloud sit over eastern North America for all of late fall and winter? We only saw the sun once in Waterloo (a brilliant day with hoar frost! Beautiful!) unless you count the times we could see it through the clouds without hurting our eyes one bit.... Anyway sun is grand! Blue skies are wonderful!

Even more wonderful are the gum trees around the place. As an Aussie, I am attached to gum trees (eucalypts and their kin). I had only seen a couple in six months but here? Oz plants all over the place! I haven't crushed a gum leaf in my hands yet but it will happen and all those wonderful eucalyptus scents will carry me home for a little while.

We can't wait to explore, though after weeks of sitting on our butts and being inactive, our feetsies are sore after only walking about 3 miles today.... LOL. We are right near the light rail, most convenient as th…

Do you know the way to San Jose


Canada has been real but it is time for us to Get Real. Hope the planes know the way to San Jose cos I am not flying one!

Christmas socks 1

G'day all!

I promised pictures of socks. Well I have pics of one set of socks!

Made for my MiL in Hand Maiden "Casbah," a blend of wool with cashmere and nylon (10% of each). I chose a colour that reminded me of ice whilst being still in the realm of our favourite colour, aquamarine/turquoise. Yep I share the same favourite colour! When he discovered this DH was mildly concerned that he was marrying his mother....

The pattern is based on Rainy Day socks from Magknits.

MiL says the yarn is very soft. The socks seem to fit quite well too :-)

All round a win! See, I can make a matching pair of socks. Hooray!


Another White Christmas!

G'day all!

We had another White Christmas! This one was a *REAL* white Christmas! Snow! It even snowed a little today!

(Love the glowing butt on that reindeer....)

I hope each and every one of my reader friends spent their day with family and/or friends in fellowship and waaay too much to eat.

You will be proud of me - I managed to get two pairs of socks done for Christmas, a scarf mostly in handspun (and knitted combination-style) all whilst dragging the pair of us all over Canada. I even have pictures (and will get some more). I have a pair of birthday socks to complete within a week and apart from that? Time to relax! Hooray!

Less than a week until we are in San Jose. I think by then snow, slush and ice will be Old and I will be ready for some solid ground that isn't white and slippery. And COLD! And I'll also be ready for some sun! Oh please give me some sun! We haven't had real sun since we left Edmonton nearly a week ago!


Internet at last!

G'day all!

We are in Waterloo, an hour out of Toronto, Canada. It is snowing. It is white outside. With any luck we will have a white Christmas! Hooray! Plus we have an internet connection. Even bigger hooray!

I have been knitting lots, though you would not know it from my output. Three socks and a half, with that half needed for tomorrow. Plus I need to get some more stuff made/bought as presents for Christmas. Ack. I only have 12 hours. I'd better get cracking!

Have a Merry Christmas! I have lots of trip reports to make on Coloradoan Dreaming. And some knitting to show. And yarn crawl results. Did Toronto yesterday. If I remember the pictures. Ooops.


Signing off for a while

G'day all!

Today they come to pack all our stuff up. I don't know when I'll be able to blog again - Nathan's laptop's wireless card has given up the ghost and internet cafes seem to be a thing of the past.

If I don't get online between now and Christmas, which I think is unlikely, have a good one! Make it merry and safe and do all the things I wouldn't do ;-)


I am going to die

G'day all!

The madness continues here. The place is in a total state of disruption. I have half sorted stuff out and we've gotten rid of a heap of stuff. The packers come tomorrow and take our stuff.

But why am I going to die?

We land in Calgary on Wednesday evening. That night Calgary is expecting MINUS THIRTY-TWO DEGREES CELSIUS. Yep, -32C. OK that is including windchill but I am going to die! I won't be able to breathe. I'll have to muffle myself in about 5 gazillion scarves. My fingers and toes will go numb in seconds and I shall probably set a new world record for frostbite setting in. I don't deal with cold very well....

O holy cow, why did Calgary have to be the place with the available visa appointments? Why did it have to be the coldest large city in Canada (mebbe with exception of Edmonton or Winnipeg)? Why not Vancouver, where I would have a chance of surviving?

I am so getting me on a bus or plane to Vancouver once those visas are issued, assumin…