Fry's sucks

G'day all!

If you live in California, Texas and possibly other places, and you shop at Fry's, why? They will find any way they can to weasel out of their "price guarantee." It supposedly runs for 30 days, but half the products they sell they will only honour the thing for 15 days and if the competitor's ad ran out, well you can go jump! Their customer service is about as good as a slap in the face with a wet fish. Actually, if you did get a wet fish slapped in your face, you might be grateful cos it means someone took notice of you. But just don't expect them to have any knowledge of the products or of customer service. In a hurry? Well they will fix that! By the time you've queued with all the other suckers and then discovered the cashier you are lucky enough to have has scanned your item twice and cannot figure out how to cancel the second scanning, whatever it is you were in a hurry for is long gone. (Five minutes it took one chap to fix up the mistake he made. Five minutes. Amazing. And then when you pay up? It takes ages before the bit of paper is spat out for your signature. Then they want to look at your stuff before you leave and put a squiggle on the receipt - very odd! How does that stop shop lifting?) Heck, they make BestBuy's customer service look good! So if I can avoid it, I will not be shopping there any longer.

On the other hand, I then went to Bed Bath and Beyond cos I needed an iron and a cast iron skillet. I was greeted, when they saw me staggering along with skillet, iron and little ironing board, they spirited out a trolley (shopping cart) for me, they served me promptly, they were polite.... They are happy to use old coupons for 20% off and use as many as you like... Gosh what a difference! I go back there cos it is pleasant. Something Fry's might want to consider but heck their crap customer service has worked for them for soooo long.

Pray for me. I have to go to Walmart. It seems to be the only place that stocks the right style pants in Nathan's size. Their website says they do.

I should show off my newly finished socks, but I have not edited the pics yet. I could tease you with one pic but no, I shall be brave and show them to you when you can see them in their full glory!



  1. We avoid Fry's at all costs. That place is pretty bad.

  2. I agree - avoid like the plague! I only go there under dire circumstances - but the boys love the freaky decor!

  3. We only go to our Walmart clone here late at night. It is like a war-zone any other time.

  4. I have a whopper of a Fry's story - about how they kept my computer for a month and returned it to me after the manufacturers warranty ended... saying that they couldn't fix it, I needed to send it to the manufacturer!

    Needless to say, I was livid.

    BB&B - yup, save those coupons up and used them whenever.

  5. I'm glad to know I'm in good company!


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