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This one's for Mum

G'day all!  Well sorta g'day.

 22 years have passed.

22 years since Mum passed, but I prefer to say died.  Passed is too gentle a word, it sounds nothing like what she suffered through or we experienced secondhand.

I think she would've liked these flowers, especially any she could cut and bring inside.  I've chosen ones that I know she liked to grow or would've liked.

It's weird - I still dream of her, we still go shopping and occasionally she guest stars in other dreams.  I sometimes wonder if she'd be proud of me or if she'd give me a kick up the backside.  Probably both, at the same time.

Today I had my hair cut, and the hairdresser moved my hair in a certain way and I saw Mum staring back at me (rather blurry cos I need my glasses).  That was a little freaky cos I also look like my father.  Also, the dead thing.

Yarn Crawl

G'day all!

I am sure you are all familiar with the idea of a pub crawl, but they are not my scene.  Nope, I am much happier with a yarn crawl, or a fibre crawl or even a fabric crawl.

And today I went on a yarn crawl.  A bunch of the "local" shops put on what is called shop hop.  One of the shops was very easy to get to - I just cross four roads in total and I am there.  It is quicker for me to walk than drive and try to find parking.  Also, who drives about 400 yards to get somewhere unless there really is no way to walk there?  I wandered in there on Friday.

I popped by another local shop and scavenged some of their $1 patterns yesterday.

But today I took off for pastures new.  I stopped in at my LYS for Wednesday night knitting (Bad Woman Yarn), then started the fun of navigating.

Whoever laid out the north east quadrant of Seattle was on crack at the time.  I understand that roads cannot go over the edge of a cliff or escarpment, but really dudes, some of the road de…

Eek, steeks

G'day all!

A monster has been eating pretty much all my crafting time over the last month.  I've had very little time off from it, knitting it on the ferry to the island, taking it to knit night, working late on it...

But at last it is done!  And it was done in time for Syttende Mai, Norwegian Constitution Day, or their national day.

I wore it to the big parade in Ballard, the parade that passes along the "end" of my street.

This was the most complicated thing I've knitted I reckon.

Take one tube, mostly knitted in the round, with two sleeves also knitted in the round.  Knitting in the round means no purling.  This makes it quicker.

Stick the tube under the sewing machine and sew along the four stitches with no pattern down the front of the tube.

Note that there is no pattern down the centre four stitches.

Then, take a deep breath and threaten your knitting with its natural enemy.  One of its many natural enemies.

OK, scissors are probably not a natural enemy of …

Early summer

G'day all!

A rather early summer hit and I've been a little busy enjoying it, in between getting work done and frantically knitting my cardigan for Syttende Mai.  Last year I decided that there were not enough handknits at the parade, so I am adding one more.  Of course I've had a whole year to do it but you know me.  I gave myself a month instead and I've been pretty much loyal to this one project.  I am yet to do the tops of the sleeves, then do the steeks (yes, I have to cut my knitting!  Cut it!  Eeek, steeks!),  the neckband and the button bands.  The button bands will be interesting - I have to sew them on to the steeked front of the cardigan and use an extra knitted bit as a placket to cover the steeks.  The cardigan will be stunning if I do say so myself - it is Fana style in Norwegian Blue (Heilo, a Norwegian yarn) and natural coloured (from sheep on Lopez Island, an hour or so north of here) yarns.  But I have to get it done first, and I think the finishing w…