I have a confession

G'day all!

My confession is I have a new obsession!

It is EVIL! It ATE my whole day!

You will see pictures soon - I want it to be finished enough that it is recognisably something.

In other news, I finished a sock. A pretty sock. A sock that I don't have pics of. I am going to write up the pattern and see if I can knit the second sock to the same pattern! Me! A sock that is the same? If it works out, I'll post it and people can beta-test it as they choose. Only problem is that you will have to buy Cat Bordhi's New Pathways for Sock Knitters cos I am not going to reproduce all details of the gusset increases and heel. Or you can use your favourite heel (including a short row heel - mebbe I'll put a short row version into the pattern).

Here's some socks I finished ages ago. Last time we saw these socks they looked like this. I even wove in the ends before taking photos.

Not that you can tell. (Another confession - I have a number of socks that have trailing ends. My bad!)

I call them my Lion's Mane socks. They are knitted in a Fleece Artist sock yarn (Sonoma? Something that has a little mohair in it anyway). I don't know what the colourway was but it had Too Much Yellow in it, so I cut most of it out and spliced the yarn together, yes indeed you better believe it! I ended up having a saucer with some water in it so I didn't have to spit on the yarn any longer. And my hands hurt from all the rubbing! Then I got bored with splicing the yarn every metre or three - hence the cuffs!

They are actually surprisingly comfortable to wear. The base pattern is another Cat Bordhi new pathways - the Coriolis sock. Yep, the stripe goes all the way through the cuff! Yes, I am mad. I've made a number of these and I have to say that if you have at all high arches or fat feet, you will struggle to get the socks over your heels. Even I have to tug a bit and I have the world's flattest feet.

They have the World's Cutest Cast-off too. I think I may be using this cast off a little too often but I like it and why not? It is not harming anyone.

I am going to have a contest shortly. You will have to do something after looking at a couple of pictures. It is time for a contest cos it is almost a year since we flew to Fort Collins the first time, almost a year since DH accepted the job with HP. Indeed the corresponding Monday last year we were in Fort Collins and gasping our way around. Gosh what a ride it has been!



  1. What colorful socks -- so cheery! Your purple top looks great -- I totally sympathize with having to adjust for low-cutness. My last top was like that too. Must wear something under it for modesty. :)

    Now I'm wanting to know what your new obsession is...

  2. Yarnhunter4:12 pm

    too much yellow?? don't know if there is such a thing!

  3. Ooooh! Those would be great for my 4-year-old nephew who loves lions! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. OK, I officially adore these!! They are so excellent. Not good for boots, but good for other situations!!!
    PS I can't believe it is a year since you 'winged' your way to the US of A. Where has all the time gone???


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