Hooray for an FO!

G'day all!

I have been very slack getting pics of the Drops tshirt (81-6) for you.

Indeed, I don't know if this one counts at all, but at least you can see it is wearable!

(Scuse any colour problems - I cannot get it slightly right whilst using the laptop)
(I didn't realise that I am that funny pink colour that kids use for skin tone. Well now I do know!)

I'm playing dead - legs in the air, etc. I might even get better pics for you ;-)

I have started editing the gazillions of pics from Tahoe (there's over 800 in the local album, never fear I won't be putting *that* many up but I do have about a hundred that I reckon are nifty. Be warned if you are on dial-up - don't look at Victorian, On the Move (my travels blog) :-)



  1. I did wonder what you were doing when I saw that photo last week! I love that T-shirt :)

  2. OK, not what I expected to see as a modelling shot, but it works for me and the Top looks excellent!!

  3. The tee looks like a great fit and the colors are pretty! That's definitely a unique pose ;)

  4. Lynne, I am catching up on lots of blog posts and I have settled on this one to comment because of that photo. Too funny. I'm sure the tee is very lovely, but I'm liking the color tones. Yes, you have Crayola "Flesh" tone (or what they used to call it before when I was little, before it became PC to acknowledge that not everyone has the same skin tone) and in fact the photo looks like an old polaroid from the 70s. Too fun!


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