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OldRedBarnCo smackdown

G'day all!

I started quilting because of Dana over at Old Red Barn Co back in 2009.  I've been participating in most of the quiltalongs we've done through her Flickr group, oldredbarnco quiltalong.  This has to be the quickest project ever.

The challenge was to find a colour palette on one of the many colour palette websites and design a quilt/wall hanging/lap quilt/mugrug/something quilty from it.  The challenge was announced around 24th of September and we had until today, Halloween, to finish it.  OK, it was not really a smack down but I just like the word.  Technically it is a quilt challenge throwdown!

I've been meaning to play along but I couldn't find a palette that reflected what I wanted to do.  I really wanted to use colours like the ones in this picture:

I wanted to make something that was all fally/autumnal, though I was also thinking about having bright autumn leaves on wet concrete (something I am seeing a LOT at the moment as it has rained for most o…

Dudes, srsly who turned off the lights?

G'day all!

It is a remarkably dull day here in Seattle today.  Seriously dull to the point of wondering who turned off the lights?  Even our new monstrously bright light is struggling to cut through the gloom.

Maybe I just moved to Mordor or something.  With sights like this around the place (clearly taken on a non-gloomy day) it is possible

I have had an interesting time recently in the Confucian sense.

Two days ago this laptop shut itself down in the middle of a hangout (google video chat).  I have detected a serious disk error!  Goodbye!

But it restarted ok and my boss and I had further discussions about it and he decided that either it goes to be fixed or he just gets a new machine (he's making the assumption that it is going to be pricey to work out if it is the hard disk or not) and ships it to me.

So yesterday I sat nursemaiding it through a BIOS disk check and a Windows disk check.  Neither of them noticed any bad sectors or really bad stuff.

So we decided it was fit t…

Goodbye, blue sky

G'day all!

After months of glorious weather (with a couple of hiccups here and there), we've suddenly run into grey.

I've had just three or so lines from a Pink Floyd song on my brain for days.  "Goodbye, blue sky, goodbye, blue sky, goodbye...goodbye...."  It is getting a little tiresome, but not as much as the grey that will be getting on my nerves soon enough.

We spent yesterday getting more lighting for our place cos just one day of gray and UGH!  I had forgotten how dull it gets.  At least it isn't cold yet.  The terrarium now has lights only about a year after we first bought the glass cabinet with the idea of turning it into a terrarium (though really it is an African Violet house), we have monstrously large bright lights in the bedroom that will feel like the sun has just risen....  Nathan even has plans to computer control them through dimmers.

I have two more quilts almost done and have not got the others that are done (and in use!) photographed yet…

A severe case of startitis

G'day all!

I'm suffering from a severe case of startitis.  I have all these things I would like to do and make but I can't even get them started!  So many yummy things, so little time to do them, plus I really should finish off the quilt that is currently being free-motion quilted (well not *literally* being quilted at the moment cos that would need a computerised long arm chugging away, and it is just me and my sewing machine and I do not have four arms and eyes in the back of my head let alone the coordination to type and quilt at the same time), finish Nathan's birthday socks (only a month and a bit late), finish a summer top even though it is definitely Fall now, plot the new woolly makings for winter, baste another quilt all ready for quilting and finish off a couple of wall hangings for the bedroom, book myself into three different knitting/spinning events coming up very soon... What I really need is a bad case of finishitis!

Also some of you might be waiting for…