Merry Christmas 2008

G'day all!


Merry Christmas/insert holiday of choice here! I do Christmas cos I was brought up in a nominally Protestant (C of E) family. I did Sunday School at the local Methos church. That church later became a Uniting Church. Anyway the Jesus stuff rubbed off but the God stuff didn't. I'm told that makes me a humanist though I don't really agree with what that wikipedia page says. There's too much focus on humans and rational thought. You may have noticed I am not always one for rational thought ;-)


This is a strange Christmas for us - there's just us! Possibly just as well cos DH has the Dreaded Lurgy. I hope I don't come down with it too - I have to get Christmas lunch done before I keel over too!


I hope you like our Christmas decorations. I like glass birds so I collected a few of those. There is also a feather clad cardinal but it is hiding behind a plant. Nathan told his parents all about our Christmas "mushroom" aka tree, how the baubles were handpainted in China probably by child slave labour. Like give me the guilts! Only even if I bought expensivos baubles they still most likely are made in China by little kiddies. Anyway, I am rather proud of my tree! I think it is pretty :-)

Wishing you and yours a safe and very Merry Christmas/etc


PS - great lolcat. Reminds me of our sweet Nutmeg.


  1. Merry Christmas to you and Nathan from us.


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