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Well hello there!

G'day all!

I've been missing in action.

Well I've certainly been active.

Early this month DH resigned from his old job.  He had found a new job.

This means going and getting new visas.



Actually getting the visas is fine.  It is the amount of work I have to do to organise it all that is the PITA.  Y'see it is up to me to deal with the paperwork.  This means encrypting mountainloads of images and scans and getting more scans and information together for the immigration lawyers, and providing all sorts of details for their side of the deal.  This takes a number of hours.  Then one has to do stuff online to schedule an appointment at any of the US consulates in Oz, Canada or the UK.  Canada is close and we've never been to Quebec and it is close to Nathan's works head office, relatively....

Then when one has just spent three hours online putting All One's Own Details and those of one's Beloved (aka by now why can't one just throttle him and ge…