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Inchoate longing

G'day all!

It's been an odd time recently.

Last week, a man died.  It isn't unusual for someone to die - people do it all the time.

This guy was someone with whom I went to high school (note how ugly that sentence is even though it's perfectly grammatically correct?).

It's really sent me into a tizz.  He was one of the only two guys I would've even considered at school, possibly because he was so focussed on football that girls were not on his radar and just like a cat, I only "liked" the ones who ignored me.  (That changed in second year at uni, lol.)  The stupid part is it's pretty much 30 years since I last even saw him apart from in the media (he had a fairly high profile job for a while).  Why has it knocked me around so much?  Is it that he died of cancer?  Is it just that he died?  If he had died in a car accident, it would be different I feel, so maybe it is partly the cancer thing.  I'm a bit (lot) tender about that.  Plus an…

Spring forward

G'day all!

Move ahead!  It's not too late!  To whip it, whip it good...  Sorry, just a little diversion there, an indication of how my mind works. 

The US goes onto daylight savings tonight I believe.  Oddly enough, my favourite corner of Ravelry has not erupted in a screaming hissy fit yet.

Meteorological Spring has sprung here, though the US does seasons by the equinoxes and solstices.  I always think this is odd because winter certainly doesn't start on the 21st of December - around here it starts in November with the first of the winter storms (nb what this part of the world calls storms, my part calls cold fronts and intense low pressure systems).  Spring is already getting underway - the cherry plums are blooming, the daffodils are flowering, the crocuses are nearly done, the forsythias are in full flourish and some of the local deciduous street trees are starting to leaf out (between Wednesday and Thursday, to be precise) - though in the US Spring starts on the 21s…