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G'day all!

Today/tomorrow is my eighth blogiversary!  (My first post was technically on the 20th of August, 2004 but that is the 19th in the USA so I am calling today the blogiversary.  And this opus has taken so long to write and get photos edited for that it is nearly the 20th here anyway!)

Yep, eight years ago I decided to start writing a blog.  I had been reading the Yarn Harlot's blog for a few months and thought yeah, I will do this too.  I have to say I don't have the readership that Steph does but that isn't too bad because she has copped buckets (of abuse) over the years.  I don't have the book contracts either and I would respectfully suggest I am not the writer she is.

So how should I celebrate my blogiversary?

I went to the market and bought flowers, along with vegetables (including some of the biggest carrots I've ever seen), eggs, milk (for DH) and meat.

I knitted more of the baby layette for Nathan's cousin, who must be about to pop any moment…

Skipping out on work

G'day all!

After a vastly productive day yesterday, when I finished off two little cardigans that have been waiting for seaming or the last little bits of button bands being knitted, today was a little slow.

It was my first day back at work and I quite frankly did not have five hours of emails to read before the weekly meeting.  Instead I skipped out on work and decided to go to the post office via the shops.

I got my comeuppance.  I was standing in the cute little drygoods store, looking at fabric (to send in a care package!) when I brushed my hand on my front.


I looked at my fingie and it looked like it had a bindii (a spiked seed) in it.  Then I realised it had a poison sac not a seed attached to it and sure enough, there was a bee minus her bottom crawling on my front.... sigh.  So I scraped the stinger out carefully with my thumbnail, avoiding pumping more venom in and Keli was horrified and ran downstairs to the cafe to see if they had any bicarb (b…

Now what? travelogue

G'day all!

The in laws blew in like a summer storm and now are gone again.  We were soooo busy - lots of sight seeing, lots of activities and I put a thousand miles on the clock on the car - not that much really but it seemed like a lot of driving!

We went to Pike's Place Market (hmm, any shots?  Yes!) and made some really nice pasta with a fab GF mix of wriggly pastas

drove up to Snoqualmie Falls (umm, suddenly Google won't let me look at my own pics... sigh.  Stupid Google.), went to North Bend (which is where "Twin Peaks" was filmed but I never got into that show) and did some bush walks around there

looked at the Chihuly glass garden (that deserves a few more shots) - did you know that as a King County resident, my entry was discounted?  $15 instead of $19.  My entry cost less than my FiL's - he is a senior (just)!

rode on the monorail (a five minute trip each way if that - how bored must the driver get?), dined at the restaurant on the Space Needle (ho…