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We saw the sea

G'day all!We went to Manly beach today. It were luvlee!Remember it is technically winter here.And for the first time in years, we have a tv! It was the real reason for going to Manly. Nathan's previous boss is moving back to the US and we have acquired his telly.But really the highlight of the day was the beach.  I said hello to the Oz side of the Pacific :-)anon!

Well that was fun!

G'day all!This is a post of Too Much Information.Today I trotted off to the doctor and had a little contraceptive device fitted.Today I discovered what a vasovagal response is (the quick version is it is a form of shock where your blood pressure plummets and you go all wobbly and faint). Apparently my body didn't like something being inserted where nothing had been before....The doctor congratulated me on having a moderately severe reaction. It took an hour before I started looking and feeling human again. The nurse and the doctor were in and out checking on me. They told me I was very brave,etc, and very sweaty.  I sweated so much I soaked a "bluey" (one of the blue backed disposable sheets).At least I now know what is going on when I do that - I've had similar responses to other events  before.  Now I know to eat sugar and sip water.I am hoping the device gives me no further issues. At least if it works, I only have to do this once every five years.... Cos I ce…

Monday again?

G'day all!

I have many things to get organised at the moment. Like my photos. Yes, it stopped raining at last and I got some photos of my new Bendi stash. I didn't realise that I only bought one skein of yarn for me. Then again, I have not done a lot of knitting recently and do have enough yarn for a little while yet. And I've got a good 10 or more 55L (60Q) boxes at home full of yarn... hmm... But I'm struggling to keep up with everything whilst this blasted story is percolating out of my head like a bubbling spring. I'm not writing a lot of new stuff for it currently - I'm getting it onto the computer, out of my notebooks. Over half of it is written longhand because I can't always carry the computer with me and I sorta like writing it out rather than typing. I still have plenty to write, I am just letting it brew. (Sounds like coffee, doesn't it?) When it wants to come out, it does. It's like a volcano of writing - I get carried away wi…

Only 46mm of rain today

And counting... 9 hours to go for the 24 hour rainfall total...

G'day all!

I was getting a bit of cabin fever today (even though I went out in the pouring rain last night) so I went in search of gumboots.

Target has sold out of gumboots. Everyone bought them yesterday. Kmart has not sold out of gumboots, well not if you are a girl between say 3 and 8.

Alas I am a somewhat bigger girl with a fair grip on this earth (some might disagree - I have been compared to Luna Lovegood before - but I take a 9-10 in women's sizing (Oz and US) or about a 41 in European sizing).

I looked online. $60 for pretty gumboots, up to $130! Ouch. I'm not used to them costing more than about $30. Then they wanted $19 for shipping from 5km away from here to my place. I sorta lost interest in them at that point. The place doesn't have a shopfront either that I could pick the things up from. Then I looked online and found that gumboots are around USD150! Holy guacamole, they are only gumboo…

Wonderful weather for ducks

G'day all!

I am hanging on getting you some pics of my Bendi haul but umm, well we've had over 100mm of rain in two days, and you can guess what that means?

No pics!

I am not that sure that ducks would like the weather at the moment. It might be a little wet even for them!

So tonight I walked to the swimming pool. Or maybe I should say I swam to the swimming pool. It is about half an hour away, so a nice walk.

It was especially pleasant tonight. It was raining that hard that the water running down the gutters was making a noise like a creek bounding down a hill every time it hit the tyre of a parked car. And there are a lot of parked cars on the street outside. If I had shut my eyes, I would not have been able to tell that I was not by a creek.

Especially if I was standing in it, which I occasionally had to do to get across a road.

It was lovely. My own urban creek hurrying to the sea. Not that it had far to go - it's only a couple of hundred metres away. Make that cre…

Hooray, my bag arrived

G'day all!

My bag arrived bright and early at 8:30am. Alas, I was not yet out of bed. (I should realise that if I get cold, I can't sleep, and I got very cold last night due to my own stupidity, and couldn't get to sleep until two am.... silly me!)

But I have most of my stash from Bendi, and the rest should arrive tomorrow I hope. Of course cos I didn't take pics before the clouds rolled in and then the rain started, and it is supposed to rain on and off for the rest of the week. So much for our beautiful winter weather - Melbourne weather has followed us up here, except this weather came from a totally different direction. I'll blame the Kiwis instead - they live to the south east of here and that is where the ratty weather is coming from at the moment.

I'm not used to the sound of rain. It hasn't rained much for a while - I've been spoiled by sunny days :-) Now water is running down the stairs outside and dripping off the balcony above us and the …

Home again home again jiggedy jig!

G'day all!

It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks. I am looking forward to not jetting around the place for ooh, a month...

Got home half an hour ago, if that. Alas one of our bags hasn't gotten home yet - it didn't make it on the plane so I have to wait for it to show up. Given we nearly didn't make it on the plane, it isn't surprising - because we can't webcheck in when we are away and because mobile check in doesn't work on Android, they bumped us off and then back on again.

I rather hope my bag does show up. I bought it for $35 or $40 in the US and it is an ugly carpet (not crapet as I first typed) bag with wheels. For some reason I really like it, so it must remind me of some family thing. I've noticed that I tend to like things that remind me of stuff from when I was small. I told myself it was a stupid thing to get and I shouldn't buy it and I made myself walk around the shop and go out and come back two days later and it was still the…

Coming to you live from Bendigo

G'day all!I'm at the Australian Sheep and Wool show, in Bendigo, Victoria.I've met up with a few people, within an hour of getting here had blown my budget, and now I'm waiting for the woolcraft fashion show to start...Pics of stalls are from Moseley Park and Ixchelbunny. I rather like the Melbourne coral reef too.For those of you who can't make it here, I hope you like the pics, and those who are coming over the weekend? Have a great time! I've left you some yarn and spinning stuff...Anon!

Hervey Bay recap

G'day all!

This is going to have to be pretty quick. Sorry!

We had an AHSUM (that is awesome for the rest of you!) weekend in Hervey Bay.

We caught up with family, we talked half the weekend,

we walked on

and off the beach,

we saw Nathan's cousin married to the love of his life,

we ate, some of us drank,

we relaxed by the pond by the site of the wedding...

Some madmen (and one woman) tried to beat the crap out of each other with sticks.

After all the fun of getting there (we were bumped off our flight because I didn't do web check in cos their security certificate was expired, and they had the end of school holidays, the closure of another airline that week, only one of three runways open the day before.... so BOOT! Off we went. We wouldn't be getting on a flight until late that afternoon. But I whined that we were meeting people and driving four hours north to Hervey Bay, and she checked something out, went to her boss, and came back with the offer to send us direct to …

Hanging out by the pond

G'day all!Just hanging out by the pond, beautiful day... Done heaps of family stuff, all weddinged out.  Walked on the beach, got sand between my toes, said hello to the Pacific Ocean again... For us it's been a lovely weekend ( though I am sure the groom's parents might disagree...  ).Back to Sydney tonight, back to reality... Pic is sideways no matter what I do...Anon!

Flown the coop

G'day all!Family wedding this weekend so we flew away away to sunny Queensland.Long story with our flight, but it turned out really well :-)Pic of the pictures from the flight has to be this one of Mount Warning, though I am very enamoured of the pics I took of the waters between Brisbane and Stradbroke Island. (however, it turns out that I only took pics of that with the camera not the phone, and I don't have a laptop to download onto this weekend). The actual plug of the volcano is at the bottom of the pic. After it finished erupting however many millions of years ago, it collapsed, creating the fantastic shape that we see today. It's pretty awesome to walk up too :-)Anon!

A little hint

G'day all!Just a little tease of what I've been up to these last few days.I have a wedding to go to this weekend, and I thought I'd make me some new stuff.I'm making a hat too but I somehow managed to sprain my lympho wrist last week and it has slowed my knitting right down - woe of woes, knitting seems to aggravate it.  I only have about 30 ever decreasing rows to go, hope I get it finished in time!I seem to have run out of words, and my phone also wants to take a nap it seems  soAnon!

Getting to know you, part the somethingth

G'day all!Today I decided that my life would be incomplete without a ruffler foot for my sewing machine.The first place I rang said "Yes, I am sure we have some in stock."  Hooray!So I checked out the transport website, worked out a plan, and choofed on out. It should take me 43 minutes to get there...If someone can tell me why I then immediately for on the wrong bus and went to the wrong station, I'd be grateful.... Lol40 minutes after I left, I was wandering around the right station, trying to find the right platform. I found a map that told me what trainline to catch, I found a map that told me where the platforms were, I just couldn't find something that told me which train left from which platform. And I couldn't find anyone to ask without leaving the station, which would invalidate my ticket.Ten minutes later, I spied a sign with a dark blue line on it.  Hooray! It was the line I wanted.  So I followed the line.It led me down a manky green, claustrophob…