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Five years

G'day all!

Five years ago today we moved to the States for the first time.  Five years ago.  23rd June 2007.  I was so terrified of living so far from home, Nathan was so excited by the whole thing.

For a brief, glorious time, we were honorary Coloradoans.  We lived in Fort Collins at the foot of the Front Range of the Rockies. I remember wandering around the first few days, jetlagged and weirded out, probably by altitude (it's about a mile high).

I knew of three bloggers who lived there or in the surrounding areas (and ahem, I really should go visit their blogs, see what is happening at the moment).  I met them and it was good - none of us turned out to be axe-wielding maniacs.

Odd how it was that DH struggled more than me.  I was not at work, not doing Important Things.  I tooled around on my bike and we occasionally hired a car which I'd drive up into the Rockies.  The weather was warm (ok hot :-), we had quite a number of thunderstorms, the creek at the bottom of the …

So shiny and blue

G'day all!

I really need to get better pictures, but I think this would almost qualify as a wordless Wednesday if I manged to say nothing.  And if it were Wednesday here yet.  But it is back 'ome so here goes:



Attack of the giant carp

G'day all!

(The subject line is NOT a typo, I assure you.  I would not share such things with you, dear readers....unless it was a ROFLMAO story.)

I was happily minding my own business  (actually I was going to take care of some business) up at the local nursery when these
flung themselves at me.

Mouths agape, their colours flaring, they rushed at me, threatening to gum me to death.  More joined the pack, some pushing themselves out of the water in excitement.

Y'know if they had been able to walk on land, I would've been afraid because they looked mighty hungry.  As it was, most of those fish are big enough that I could've stuck my finger in their mouth.  I was tempted...

The other day, I found out something I thought is quite interesting.  Actually two things.

a)  I have Darwin's Tubercle.  Yay!  I have pointy ears, only the points are inwards, not outwards.  This almost completes my inner 15 year old's dream of being a Vulcan.

b) Not only is my "duck foo…