Monday, February 28, 2005


G'day all!

Feeling hot today. Usually I love hot weather. But today I feel waaaay too hot. I guess I've gotten used to 21 degree temps already and anything over 30 is TOO hot!

No new pics today, even though they are sitting on the camera, mainly cos I am TOO HOT to be bothered downloading them and chopping em down to size. But I have eventually decided to put some pics up, cos I can't link to the pics that I never put up earlier in my blogging!

Hmm, what news? Well we still don't have a name for TEO Tarpaw Russett Luoco Altissipuss. She had her first trip outside today and has sat at the door for half the afternoon. We are half convinced that she is either part Abyssinian or Ocicat cos she is without a doubht *the* most friendly cat we have ever met. She likes to sleep next to us, keeping one paw stretched out if she is not actually lying against us, she positively throws herself at you for a pat....

I had a day off today, very nice but did almost nothing with it. Including getting the washing off the line - back in a mo!

It is a superb night out tonight. Sunset about an hour ago - we are losing daylight fast here - but there is still light in the western sky as I write. Stars are coming out. The Southern Cross is swinging up from the south-east - Melbourne is about as far north as you can go if you want to see the Cross every clear night of the year. Orion (or as we knew it, the saucepan or teapot) is striding upside down after Taurus in the northern sky. It is clear as a bell. The crickets are singing but no cicadas. Last year was the year for cicadas. This year we've only found one patch of them on our nightly walks. Mossies are still vicious though.

Hmm, knitting news. Not much has happened today. Guess why? Too HOT! LOL Never fear, in a month I will be bewailing the start of autumn and short days - whinge moan moan. I sound like a Pom! I knit-stitch embroidered on most of two more letters onto the baby singlet. It is not quite done yet, so maybe a pic tomorrow. I found some silk/merino tops that might be very good for spinning up into a present for a lady in Merredin who gave us a bed for the night when we couldn't find one. I think I might need a little bit more for the thing I'ld like to make her though, so I might call in on Marta if I can get to work early enough to get to Marta's by 5pm.... Her tops are extra expensive but I only need a little bit of a certain colour just to put a highlight into the spinning.

I bought a little bit of 50:50 merino/silk mix from Marta. She sells her tops by the metre. That is why it is not cheap, but she really sells them for felters, who only need a little bit at a time, mostly. I am spindling up the mix cos it is such a short length and I want to savour it in my fingers. Wheel spinning is all GO GO GO GO! Spindling is a bit more leisurely and sensual. I've mostly been wheel spinning cos I can't wait to see what the tops/roving will come up like. This stuff needs a little more care in drafting. It is white, btw, but once I've spun and plied it will most likely have an accident with my favourite coloured dyes (pink, blue, turquoise, purple).

More of the circus coloured merino will be arriving at AK2 shortly. Remember my first major excitement with spinning? Even better is that I have found the creator of the rovings/tops online - Jacinta Fleischman.

I just realised when I went back through my blog postings that I do not seem to have posted pics of the most amazingly gobsmackingly hot yarn in the history of the universe! Surely it can't be true! I am sure I have taken shots of it and posted them! I just can't find the right post.... But just to make sure, I am reposting them:

lurid merino
spun into singles

But I have NO pic of the plied yarn! But of course I have a pic of my lovely circus yarn:

circus skein

Oh, happy birthday to my father. 87 years and showing every one of them, poor old goat. Keep raising hell, old man! And happy birthday to my car, 7 years young and still purring like a pussy-cat. He gets a wash and his first ever polish on the weekend - my straw bag has put a few swirls into his paintwork (*blush*). Here he is on one of my long trips, done when he was only a baby. Cancel that - the pics were on a computer that I don't have any more.... oops!

That's yer bloomin' lot for the day so

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Diddly done!

G'day all!

At last, pictures of the blue cardi, completed. Except I am not happy with the neck. But here they are, little versions only. No click and look at the bigger versions on these! Do you like the moire effect? That is what happens when you take pics in the shadow of shadecloth. The cardi is a bit bigger than I expected, but maybe that is because I forgot whether I was making the medium or large halfway through.... the large is only a 38" bust and I don't call that large!

And the baby hat after washing and ends being darned in (yes in that order - I got a bit over excited)

Then I have been working a bit on this - the baby singlet. It is very rolly-up around the edges at present - I'll have to block at least the bottom hem like billy-o!

A half done cloche made out of some yarn I spun up on the weekend:

Hmm, that looks like an impressive list of things in progress or completed! But the hat was done a week ago, I was just a slack-butt showing it off in its final form. And the cardi was finally done on Monday night and tonight was the first night I organised DH to do some pictures. No pics yet of the amazingly tacky fabulous teal wrap... It is not yet finished.

In other news, three pictures of cats - both wanting to get outside and Cheshire is now starting to get aggressive back. Loopy Lulu (aka TEO Tarpaw) is being rather surprised by Cheshire's aggression. Cheshire is much bigger than Loopy Tarpaw.

Finally, a lovely pic of DH with our prize corn. Yes, last week it started to show signs of the male flowers popping out. This week we have the female silks showing. DH is 195cm/6'5", and the corn is a good metre higher than he is!

That's yer blooming lot, so


Monday, February 21, 2005


G'day all!

Still obsessed with the cats. Here's some pics, not very flattering of TEO (the evil one) Tarpaw - still don't have a good name for her. Chester is becoming Cheshire cos she smiles a lot.


smoochy puss

TEO showing her apricot belly
cute baby top

In amazing news, I finally sewed the buttons on the blue cardi this evening. I had to buy two more buttons. I put the buttons on then tried the top on and it had grown about 4 inches all round. Amazing. No I haven't lost weight but it isn't a snug fit in my understanding of snug. But the buttonholes still gape.


Ah well, it looks fine if I don't button it up. Huzzah!


Sunday, February 20, 2005


G'day all!

I am a bad blogger, again. I have been a bit busy and am currently under assault by two cats that jealously want me to themselves. We have a rental inspection tomorrow - lord knows what they will think of the half sanded floors....and our wails about the mice and rats.... and the two new cats that don't get along so far....

If you are bored by cat stuff, jump a couple of paragraphs. Otherwise read on!

Yesterday we went to the animal refuge in Keysborough. We spent an hour and a half dishing out pussy love to a range of felines. I thought I'd get upset there but I found it quite a good experience. It was nice patting all these cats and getting totally covered in cat hair and all itchy and hayfeverish. I do hope someone takes home the lovely shy black cat who hid behind the kennel for a while then crept out and said hello to me and just wanted to be patted over and over - an older couple would be good for him. Or Molly, a bee-yoo-tiful white cat but we couldn't have her cos she is indoors only - she will get skin cancer if she is outdoors much. The little black and white girl who leapt onto Nathan's shoulders from the window ledge should get a home pretty easily. The little boy who sat and howled soundlessly at everyone who went past should also find a place. He was beautifully socialised. I am not so sure about some of the cats finding homes quickly, like the blue-cream torti burmese cross who was oddly lumpy - funny shaped head and lumpy body. Weird. She knew she wasn't coming home with me.

Photos tomorrow of the ones we brought home. Chester might still be on the page at AAPS. These were the most friendly cats we found. Chester is having a name change cos it is an odd name for a girl cat (even is she is speyed). The other one was called Tiger but like how boring! I wanted a tortie but I didn't really get one, though the cat formerly known as Tiger is a weird tabby with a very apricot belly, muzzle and ears. She is guarding me from Chessa at the moment. I think I've been adopted. They both wander the house in search of us. Tomorrow I go to work and they only have Nathan instead. That will be good cos he needs a bit of being harrassed by cats. I've had a weekend of it. I am glad they are cats and not babies cos I think the sheer responsibility would overwhelm me.

You live in Melbourne, Oz, and want a cat? Go to the AAPS or the RSPCA or the place in Coldstream, go get yourself a pre-loved puss. Save a feline life or two. Just be prepared for the wails on the way home.... LOL!

In knitting news, I've made significant progress on the teal wrap that I have not shown any pics of apart from the yarn about a week ago. I am working on the little baby singlet. I have to do the arm bands and sew the side seams, but first I am embroidering the "baby" on the front.

And the cats both are fascinated by knitting yarn but a bit scared of the spinning wheel.

Pics tomorrow, when I am running somewhat earlier in blogging!


Monday, February 14, 2005

And now for something completely different

G'day all!

I was tagged for a meme about ooh three weeks ago by Kellee. I am very slow at memes. If memes relied on me to propogate them, they would not be memes. Story of my life - I am not on top of the fashionista lists!

1) Total amount of music files on your computer. Umm, err, none that I know of. But we are networked up and Nathan has gigabytes of songs that I can access if I can remember what the program's name is.

2) The last CD you bought was: (LOL) a relaxation CD of something like Crystal Brook or Camping by a Creek or something silly like that. It was a Christmas present for a friend to push my obsession with pushing Australian stuff on overseas friends. Before that the soundtracks to Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers.

3) What is the song you last listened to before reading this message? Do you count what the tradie was playing when I walked past? I can't remember its name. In my car - "Jessie's Girl" on the radio. Where can I find a woman like that?

4) What are your five favorite songs and why they mean the most to you

In no particular order:
A Lightning Crashes by Live. Emotions, lyrics, power.
B Amoreuse by Kiki Dee. Favourite song when I was little, still love it now.
C Still Got the Blues by Gary Moore. Great guitar riff.
D Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen. Seminal song of youth. Plus I get to use all of my range singing along as many parts as I can at the one time (not many actually).
E Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm by Crash Test Dummies. A thoughtful song despite the title for all of us who have ever been cast out for being who we are.

We are talking pop style songs, aren't we? Not old timer stuff or swing or classical? Cos I just couldn't squeeze them in to just five! Who could live without a bit of Bing or the Andrews Sisters or some of the great black singers? or some Bach or Beethoven or Chopin or some of the less well known composers and pieces?

When I look at the list above, nearly all of the songs make me get teary - I am getting sentimental in my old age!

5) What 3 people are you going to pass this baton to and why?

Oh heck. I don't know that many people with blogs and I am not sure that I want to push this meme on them. If Avril, Ainsley or anyone else sees this and wants to run with it, fine.

See? I am not good at memes.

In knitting news, I have finished the pink baby hat. I have already washed it even though I forgot to weave in the ends. oops. It took just over 25g of Patons 4ply Dreamtime. Of course patons 4ply Dreamtime comes in 25 gram balls, so I have most of a ball left.

I guess this means I can start on this:

cute baby top

and because I have not put a quiz up recently and saw this on Kellee's blog, I reckoned I should do this. It is almost correct, but the other kids most certainly picked on me.

quite result
Quiet Girl

What kind of little girl were YOU?
brought to you by Quizilla


The unkindest cut

G'day all!

Well I would love to say it has been very eventful here at Weedhaven, but it ain't. Be warned, this post might make you a bit queasy, for one reason or another.

Here are some of the goodies I picked up on the weekend:

I showed off my spinning, yes that bright yarn that I am still carrying around with me a week later, to the girl at AK traditions. She was so delighted with my spinning that she gave me a knitting bag:

the AK knitting bag

to put the roving into:

more lurid and expensive roving

And here is the fleece and tops I dyed:

yellow, pink and green dyed offerings to the gods

These are in very bright, springlike colours cos they are going to someone who has the grey winter blahs. I would say obviously she is not in Melbourne cos it is summer here, but after the weather from the last two weeks.... The puffs are alpaca, the tops are merino and 15% silk.

Then I have finally finished these:

fuzzy blue and white thrummed mittens

HOORAY! I don't think the alpaca fleece is as good as sheep fleece for thrumming cos it is a bit short and fuzzy and has no memory, so it rebounds out of the tight twist I put into it. These also are going to find a new home.

teal yarns and beads for wrap

I have started on a wrap made out of these. I can see that I am going to need another ball or two of the eyelash yarns - with 150 stitches on 10mm needles, I am going through the yarn rather quickly! BTW, the double flutter is a mongrel to knit - very wide ribbon band in the centre.

I have been having one of those weird runs of unluck. These are things that make me think a bit more carefully about what I am doing and mostly I can only laugh about them. Mostly. Like when I was shaving my armpits the other day in the shower and made a truly unco move. Shall we just say that nipples bleed like heck and it really really stings like the worst papercut in the world, particularly when they get cold??? As for putting the bandaid on... umm yeah. We'll leave this subject now.

Today started off as a pretty good day. The sun is now rising after I get up at 6:45am, but the sky was clear and the forecast was good at 34 degrees. Hooray! Only now we are acclimatising to 20 degrees and it feels overly warm today. You can never please a Melburnian when it comes to weather. Unless it is a day like yesterday - sunny and 25.

So I am standing on the train, having decided not to fight for a seat. I am knitting this:

the cutest baby hat I have seen since my pussy cat hat from this book (select book at bottom right 205 PB1111 with the funkiest baby patterns - lots of wide legs. I so jealous! I want some for me!)

and the yarn becomes tight. Very odd. Somehow I had managed to get the yarn right around my foot under the instep. Here's me, standing on one leg clutching my DPNs and the knitting and trying to unwind the yarn whilst hanging on to a hand hold as the train goes jiggertee jiggertee jig-bounce-jig over some points. I unwound the yarn.

In celebration, I dropped one of the DPNs.

Now these are my good sock making DPNs. The good Clover bamboo ones. The set of five. There was no way I was going to lose one for good.

By now I had managed to clear a good space around me cos everyone clearly thought I was mad and about to fall on them. The nice young man sitting next to where I was standing was starting to help out a bit. He could not reach the DPN. I had to get down on my hands and knees on the floor of a crowded train in my brand new, never before worn skirt, and go fishing under the seats.

I was hoping and praying that noone had chucked under the seat or even urinated there cos I had to paw around in the dark with my arm outstretched almost as far as it would go. (Does anyone know why it is considered acceptable to puke or pee on trains - nearly always by drunken men, I do admit.) Thank heavens that the floors in the trains are now sensible recycled rubber stuff, like pool surround stuff, rather than the carpet that umm well told all of its history....

I gave up on the knitting - I had already made enough of a goat of myself by this stage and I really wanted to wash my hand (I forgot to wash them properly at work. D'oh!).

Then there was a little incident in the tram at lunchtime when I went in search of a pair of these at Target (that's Tarzhay to most of us here):

rainbow coloured fluffy boots

(I never said I have good taste and these would be really good in winter on our now wooden floors and the rainbow colours are so me.) A derro (drunken fellow who is also homeless) started chatting to me, which was fine cos he needs a little to brighten up his day and he didn't smell bad. I pulled my wallet out to validate my ticket. A DPN came out with the wallet.

Of the five DPNs in my bag, which one would you expect to make a bold dash for freedom? The loose train DPN making a second bid for freedom? The one with a handful of stitches on it? Or the one with the most stitches on it?

Murphy was an optimist.

For those who celebrate it, Happy Valentine's Day. You may ask what did I get? And I can tell you NOTHING! I didn't get dinner, I didn't get a present or flowers or a kiss or a hug or anything. My boy has a serious lack of romance. Then he went out halfway through dinner to the weekly concert band rehearsal.

That is why I bought DH "The Full Monty" "Ladyhawke" and "Ever After" on DVD for $10 a pop. I figured even if he does not like them I certainly will enjoy them!


Monday, February 07, 2005

Drool drool

G'day all!

Ages ago I fondled a copy of Knitting on the Edge . Oh how I lusted after it but $50, as it is here in Oz, seemed a bit steep.

Well 6-9 months later I found another copy of it. I looked, I put it back on the shelf and it just leapt back into my hand. OK, so I now am a little poorer but I have sooo many edge treatments for the simple little tops that I want to make. My workmates will be JEALOUS I tell you instead of seeing another daggy Lynne top. Bwahahahahahahaha!

I have my first spinning overuse injury. My wheel has only a single treadle. I have one teensy little sore tendon running up the bottom third of my tibia (shin bone). When i rub it and it goes twang! the pain goes away. I shall have to swap legs more often, but it really is set up for right footed treadling. Ah well, if I managed to save a bit I might still get a Kiwi cos it is easy to cart around.

BTW, here is the wheel in question. Note the yellow electrical wire and genuine Ashford spring creating the brake band.

my ancient ashford spinning wheel

fancy yellow brake band

On Saturday, I visited AK Traditions. This is an interesting shop. There are currently two shops. I liked the easternmost, and first one I visited, much more than the other one. It was much lighter and brighter and smelt better. AK Traditions does fibre and fibre-crafts. They have a lot of little felted toys and dolls. They have patchworking material in bright colours. I was not there for the felted stuff. I was there to find soy silk yarn and bamboo yarn. But they also had the brightly coloured fleece I spun up (which I could not find for half an hour this afternoon until I saw it - like how could I have missed it??? - hanging up to dry on the edge of the organ) and other fleece, felting supplies and some Wendy Dennis stuff and little baggies of exotic fibres like cashmere and bamboo and corn milk (ingeo?) fibre. The second shop was a lot darker and had lots of Rowan yarns in it. I am not a Rowan head. They make nice yarn and have some interesting patterns but if I am going to spend that much money, I want something exotic!

Like this:

pretty pink and purple soy silk

$22 for a ball of soy silk. At least it has well over 200 metres on the ball. It is a mongrel to deal with pulling it out of the centre of the ball - it is so slippery that it just slides and loops around itself. But the result is fabulous. More on the result when I've run out of yarn and can get a good pic of what I am doing with it.

Anyway, I am not much of a gusher really - I do not compliment easily, and when I do compliment I really mean it - but I really really liked the eastern AK Traditions. The two staff in there were enthusiastic and really like what they do. I felt rather jealous. (I have the feeling I have typed this before but it may have been to a friend. I sure hope it was cos I cannot find any mention in any earlier blogging. Then again I may simply be mad.) It could have been a really snobby shop cos it is in a snobby area but the two women were chatty and happy to have a new face oohing and ahhing over the lurid fleece offerings. The vibe of the place was really positive (and I am not new agey either - my training is in science).

Remember how I said it rained nearly seven inches in 36 hours last week? Well we have had another 30mm today, or a bit over an inch. This means that we have had our entire summer rainfall in less than a week. It is getting a little tiresome cos this is our hottest part of the year and we've only managed one 30 degree temp in the last week and three below 20s. (that is celcius, btw - I am a mostly metric gal.)

The corn is still growing. I wish it would take a hint from its neighbouring patch and start flowering. I am starting to wonder if it will ever flower or if it will keep growing. It is now over 2m tall. The purple king climbing beans certainly appreciate the height of the corn.

not quite finished cardi

I reckon that is your bloomin lot for the day so


C'est fini!

not quite finished cardi

Mais non!

Hmm, that is about as far as my fourth form French gets me. It is over 20 years since I studied French. I did Latin at HSC level (I think that equates to senior high graduation??) cos I did not have to speak it.

I seamed up that blue cardi a week ago. I bought buttons for it 5 or 6 days ago. So why is it still languishing without buttons?

Because of this:

naughty messy loungeroom

This is what happens when you move your bed from the loungeroom back to the bedroom, leaving behind the random piles of clothes, knitting stuff and books. Note the spinning wheel. Plus you get to see this in the bedroom:


A bed! In a bedroom! All is well!

Then there is this:

50g of the most lurid merino you will ever see

When I saw it I had to have it. 50g of merino. I had been eyeing off a couple of other colours but this was the only one of this colour mix and the salesperson picked it out and gave it to me. I pretty much clutched it to my chest and dropped the other rounds like they were hot spuds.

Seen from a different angle:

lurid merino opened up

Which turned into this whilst I watched a famous faces about Benny Hill:

singles of lurid merino

And became this when I navajo plied it (not very well I admit):

lurid yarn plied

I am totally in love with that yarn. I washed it this arvo and spun it mostly dry and now all I want to do is carry it around with me and pat it. I love rainbow coloured stuff, always have.

lurid yarn skein

And this:

Polwarth stuff to play with

100g of Polwarth fleece all spun up. Again I am not claiming I have done the world's best plying job on this - still getting the hang of it.

And soon this will be on the bobbin:

more brightly coloured stuff to play with

That is some of my own dyed Merino roving so don't pick on the colours. I used what I had handy and dyed them strong, vibrant colours. Unless I really stuff up, you won't see me dye stuff dull colours - I only go to pastels and even then I make candy colours. I like colours that suit me.

Are you getting the picture yet?

I have so many pics of what I have been spinning and the bits and bobs I bought on the weekend and things I have made that you'll have to wait for another post before I show you more!

BTW, thanks to Darrow I now know what the infamous Mullet was all about (see my 26th Jan post). You may have heard of Bondi Beach in Sydney. Well it was famous for more than the sun, surf and babes. Bondi was also one of the major sewage outfalls in Sydney. The effluent was not exactly treated well, and when I say treated I mean broken down into its component parts. So it could be quite exciting swimming at Bondi, because you never knew what exactly you might be stepping on or what would bob up. The bobbers, floaters and sinkers were collectively called mullets. So now you know too.

(For the record I believe that instead of only the largest lumpy bits being strained out, the effluent at Bondi is now secondary or tertiary treated.)

On that charming note, I bid you


Friday, February 04, 2005


G'day all!

Well what an interesting week it has been in Melbourne and here at Weedhaven. Yes, in our trip to our favourite timber place today we passed by a bush block that Nathan called weedhaven cos they had some of the bestest and biggest weeds we e'er did see. Considering our never ending battle with weeds inthe garden, I figure Weedhaven is a great name.

Monday - I was crook. I would love to show you the blue cardi in its finished form, but I can't.
a) the computer ate my pictures and
b) it isn't finished. But I did the button bands TWICE (do you really need to know why I'd need to do them twice??) and all the seams are done and the ends woven in. HOORAY!

What I can show you is this:

yummy first ever spun yarn

This is about 80m of luscious merino/alpaca/silk mix spun up on my new/old wheel. I think I've managed to work it out a bit and once I had some advice about brake bands/scotch tension (along with about 2 hours of Googling) I had it done.

Another HOORAY!

For our third HOORAY for this post, we finally got some rain. And when we say rain, we mean LOTS of rain. In 36 hours, we had roughly 170mm, or nearly 7 inches. I can only guess how much we had cos the rain gauge overflowed twice, so 170mm is a conservative estimate. That is how much rain we might expect in three months in a good rain year, and we got it basically in one day! It was terribly exciting, except it was coming down so hard that it kept us and most of Melbourne awake on Wednesday night. The drumming on the roof was incredible - like having possums running up and down except instead of one or two with hobnail boots on about 500 constantly marching on the roof. We went from 36 degrees maximum on Tuesday to 13 on Wednesday - that is a low winter day temperature for us. It is after all still summer here! The temperatures were a bit of a boo hiss really, along with all the poor people whose houses are built in flood plains (like HELLO!) or who had trees come down on their houses. Major disruptions to public transport due to flooding and fallen trees, including my normal train line when a tree came down *on* a train. Noone was hurt, luckily, but jeez it was annoying!

Shall we go for a fourth hooray! I think I shall save that one for tomorrow or next I blog. But I will tell you that I now have two bobbins of white polwarth fleece spun up and ready to ply as soon as Nathan makes my new lazy kate. He has wood in the shed and felt inspired. I am pretty sure it will be easier to ply off a lazy kate than off one bobbin and Scarf Style, ie singles wrapped around a book....

If anyone knows why it is called a lazy kate / who the unfortunate original lazy kate was, I'd like to know!


Wednesday, February 02, 2005


G'day all!

Well I was going to post many things on the blog tonight but as is often the case, time has defeated me. Plus I am sure I took a number of pics the other day when the batteries were recharged but I must've dreamt it. Can't find them anywhere. I'll have to do them again when the weather cooperates.

I have the spinning wheel working to one degree or another. I've oiled its little moving parts, though I can't find the vaseline for the spindle, so it has to run on oil too. I've read that the wheel should spin X number of times before it stops, without the drive on. This one spins about 25 times - a bit less than expected - and when treadled feels pretty easy to me at least.

I saw one Ashford Traveller like mine at the handweaver and spinners' guild yesterday. I bought some more bobbins and rovings.

Anyway, the upshot is that I have managed to spin some yarn up and ply it as well, even though i only had two bobbins then. Typically of me I've used the merino/alpaca/silk mix - stuff practising on plain old wool! I wanted something really nice! Maybe a pic of my not so well plied yarn tomorrow. LOL.

Now being a Melburnian, born and bred, I must mention the weather. Yesterday it was nice and warm, even hot at lunchtime. Brightly sunny. Somewhere over 30. Pretty much what you expect from summer I reckon. I thought I was going to end up with a sunburn or heat exhaustion as I walked back to the city when no tram turned up to bring me back to work from the guild. Feels like forever ago. A strong cold change has blown up from Antarctica and boy are we noticing the difference! It has been 11 degrees C for most of the day and so far we've had 62mm of rain, or nearly 2.5". More cold and rain is forecast for tomorrow. We've had to put the heating on, and now the place stinks of mouse. Yergh!

on that charming note, I bid you