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What is it...

G'day all!

What is it about IKEA that brings people in again and again?

I've had Billy bookshelves for years.  They are cheap, cheerful (well mine aren't - they are a sorta metallic charcoal grey/black) and despite being made of particle board with flimsy paper-like backs, have lasted for quite some years.  (They must be about 10 years old at least.  I know I had my Starlet when I brought some home - I had to take them out of the packaging, open up the hatch, lay the front seat down (the passenger one!) and then load the long bits in there.  Apparently the Starlet could only take things that are 2m long.)

On the weekend, since I had hired a car, we choofed off to the Seattle IKEA.  My goodness.   It is interesting seeing the differences and the similarities between IKEAs.  I suspect they are basically the same - the layout might be a bit different, the electrical goods on offer are a little different (just as well - Oz runs on 240V rather than 110V and has different shaped…

Such a slacker

G'day all!

I am such a slacker!  We've had internet since Saturday night and I still have not blogged.

I've been a busy bee.  I've been trying to find places to put our air shipment of stuff.  Yes, we have drawers and things in the rental furniture, but if I put much away in them, then I'll just have to get it back out again when our furniture arrives and the rental stuff goes.  We are also accumulating stuff at a rate of knots.  It is amazing how much household stuff one needs when one moves countries.

We went to the Northwest Flower and Garden show on Sunday.  I thought Nathan might be bored but he said it was the best $20 he's spent in ages (and can I say we have been spending money on some most excellent things).  He took about 500 photos of the display gardens.  I took pics on the phone cos I forgot to bring the point and shoot.  If you hop over to Google + and look at my stream (under my name, not my username) then you'll see some of the pics I took. …

Moving, ever moving

G'day all!

It is just over a month since we left Oz and now four weeks and one day since we arrived in Seattle!  It seems to have flown past.  I still have not had a meltdown.  Am starting to think there must be something wrong with me...

Tonight is our last night in our Belltown hangout.  We've been here nearly a month and tomorrow is our move out day.

We spent the day, strangely enough, moving stuff from here to our new rental apartment.  Given we started off with three and a half suitcases of stuff, you would think it would not take long to move it all.  Except 8 boxes of our stuff arrived, and I've been buying stuff for the place that we will need, and suddenly it is four loads in the car...   One of our friends helped out (and very useful he was too - thanks, Mental!), so we bought him tea (aka dinner) at a Thai restaurant he recommended.  Hooray - real Thai food, not the weird stuff we had the other week.

Move out means no more internet, except on the phone and its i…