I have a new callus

G'day all!

So Excited!

I have a sore spot on the pad tip of my left index/fore finger! It appears to be a new callus from all the sock knitting that has been going on here at Chez Nous. (I'll work out a good name once we have a lease on a place, not this temporary housing.)

You wanna see some sock?

Yarn: Posh Yarn's "Emily" 4ply sock weight 80% lambswool / 10% cashmere / 10% angora yarn. A gift from Dreamcatcher. Yarn is *very* cushy and a little larger than the standard sock yarn. Very bright too :-) Thanks so much, Dreamcatcher!

Pattern: "Dove Socks," using Upstream architecture from Cat Bordhi's New pathways for sock knitters, book 1.

Whirlpool toes, well whirlpool toes of my own devising used. Note that they swirl in opposite directions :-)

(No socks were harmed in taking these photos, though I thought the pool highlighted the aqua/turquoise... No leg hairs were harmed either, hence the marled legs ;-)

I've been trawling through Cat's latest offering and making all sorts of interesting socks. Of course I have not tried any of the baby socks as she suggests, nope I've just leapt off the deep end straight into adult sized socks (including a pair that were 80 stitches around sized for a bloke's foot. Ack).

It's been a busy few days. On Wednesday I went to SF - expect a trip report both here and on Victorian, On the Move in the next while.

On Thursday I rode to work with Nathan along the, ahem, bike path along the Guadalupe River and then caught the light rail to Winchester and rode along the Los Gatos trail until my legs nearly fell off (I then had to ride home again, very difficult with no legs cos my arms are not long enough to reach the pedals and then how do I steer and brake? With my teeth?).

Yesterday I looked at various apartments with a rental assistance person. That was fun but a bit exhausting and I was TOTALLY hyper and wanted to blather at Nathan for hours but he had used up his word limit for the day. So tedious having no friends to blather at here.

Today I have to take Nathan back to some of them and we are going to check out a little house and a duplex as well. Apartments are all very well but we LOVE gardens. Are we willing to give up all the amenities of apartments (amenities that we have basically not used here) for a little house in the burbs where we both can grow stuff?

BTW, we gave up on Mountain View. Most of the places in our price range were pretty shabby and gave me the quibbly inside feeling of "Dear whatever holy things may be out there, please don't make me live in a horrid little box!" We are looking at downtown Campbell and SJ. Yep, we might become city dwellers!



  1. Great socks! Good luck with the house hunting - I'm sure it will all turn out well.

  2. Wow, they are really nice socks, I love the way they seem to swerve and curve. You sound much more like yourself, and happier!! Hope you find a really nice patch of green to live on!!

  3. I love those socks, the pattern-yarn combination look fantastic! Sorry I haven't commented on a while, I'm behind on all my blogs and need to do a major cull so I stop missing my faves all the time. PS: check my blog -- you make my day!

  4. I too have a callus on my lh index finger - not from socks,but from playing the fiddle (badly!).
    So glad that things are looking good again. Sounds like you'll have a wonderful time in your new location!


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