G'day all!

I thought I had an Idea that would be great for the craft faire. I was making Yet Another Kid's Hat or Bag (Purse) (did you know that round bags and hats and bowls look very similar until the brim treatment?) when I stopped increasing after two increase rounds (oh, I start with a Turkish cast on of four stitches and knit from the crown of the hat down) and made a pouch, then added 5 i-cord tentacles to it.

All the yarn I used was feltable, so I chucked them into the washing machine and created


I though they were fantastic and for $8 each, rather affordable. Alas, only one found a new home out of the 7 or so that I made.

You too can make tentaculars! I would not recommend them for little children/babies who still shove everything in their gobs, nor for cats and dogs that like to chew on things and eat yarn.

Grab some feltable wool. Grab needles that are a few sizes bigger than you would normally use for knitting the yarn. Cast on four loops (a total of 8 stitches) using my Turkish cast on (linked above). Knit one round (8 stitches). Increase into every stitch on the second round (16 stitches). Knit one round. Increase into every second stitch in the next round (24 stitches). Knit a few round - say 6 or so, then do a round of k1, k2tog (repeated) to bring the stich cound down. Then do another round of decreases to get the stitch count to 10. Make a two-stitch i-cord (or cast on another stitch and make a 3-stitch i-cord). Make the tentacles longer than you think they should be - they will shrink by about a third. If you want increase into the end and then decreas again to make a squid-like handling tentacle.

At the end, I just pull the yarn through the last stitches and shorten it a bit so any excess yarn is less like to entangle other tentaculars in the washing machine. Then they go in for a nice hot wash! The machine here is vicious and really belts clothes around, so the tentaculars only need one go-through.

Take your tentaculars out, shape their bodies, untangle the tentacles and dry. Voila! A tentacular or 10!

(PS you can tie their tentacles together and make little pouches, tie them onto wrists, all sorts of things!)

(PPS some of my tentaculars are going up on my Etsy shop soon - I'll announce it when I have a few more items on it.)



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