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On the road

G'day all!

Well it has been an interesting couple of weeks - two weeks now we've been on the road. Let me tell you that Australia is enormous, and we've only driven from the south-east coast to the south-west coast (and about a quarter of the way up the coast). Of course I knew that it would be big but you only realise how big when you actually drive it.

And I've done most of the driving so far, and only have one beanie and half a pair of mittens to show for my knitting so far (so much for getting a couple of sumer tops done! or a poncho for the last of winter)! I've driven nearly 4,000km so far. Ack.

I haven't found any yarn shops in the regional towns around the place - ther eare some in Perth and one in Rockingham (which was closed and I couldn't see if it really had any yarn or was just telling fibs).

We'll put up a webpage of our travels. Actually lots of webpages cos there is lots to tell!

Hopefully I'll be able to update the page before…

Driving driving driving

Has anyone ever told you just how BIG Australia is? We have driven from Melbourne to a roadhouse called Caiguna in WA over the last four days. I personally have driven over 2300km, and all up we've done nearly 2600km. We only have about 1200km to go before we get to Perth, from whence all our adventures start. We are now wondering if we can catch the train back from Kalgoorlie to Adelaide and cut out four days of tedium, instead replacing it with three days of tedious train travel. More about that in a later post - I am almost out of time on this machine.

Pictures will have to wait - I have no way of uploading them here.

It is now a week since we got married - how time flies!


husband and wife!

Woo hoo!

The deed is done! You can see a few pics here or a WHOLE lot of pics here, but be warned that the second page has many many pics from the whole weekend, including some of the railway station at Ararat.... You can't tell that Nathan's dad is a train nuffy at all, can you?

You can see my knitting prowess for the weekend in some of the shots too - my little flurfy greenish scarf, made from el-cheapo Feather's knock off from Lincraft and their eyelash yarn. I saw them last week and thought you beaut, that will go nicely, even if it is not what one would expect to go with a wedding outfit.

I have to say we chose the most AMAZING day for our wedding. Had I known 12 months ago when I chose that particular day that on my wedding day it would not only rain, but also:

sleet and even

I may well have had it on another day. Remember that it is spring here - the flowers are blooming beautifully, the birds are acting up like birds do in spring, and it SNOWS on my wedd…

Today Adelaide, tomorrow the Great Unknown

G'day all!

Today we drive to Adelaide, some 8 hours drive away. Tomorrow we drive through Port Augusta and into the Great Unknown. I've never driven to Perth - I've flown there once and obviously flown back from there too ;-)

This here is a map that you can click on to see how far it is from Melbourne to Adelaide, the towns along the way, then Adelaide to Perth. 3500km, what about 2000 miles?, to Perth from Melbourne! That is one helluva drive!

Should be exciting! But first, I need some eggs for my pancakes and a quick trip to the post office to send some yarn to a friend who only lives 20 minutes away....


I'm getting married in the morning!

ding dong the bells are going to chime!

OK, so I am getting married on Saturday afternoon and the forecast for our outdoor wedding is 13, very windy, showers, hail and snow down to 600m (we'll be at about 200m). Ack. I had images of getting married amongst the spring wildflowers on a lovely peaceful, still spring day but no, whoever is in charge of the weather hates me, only i don't believe in him so he must hate Nathan instead cos Nathan is the one who wants all the god-stuff in the ceremony.

Ah well, we have a contingency plan, a bad plan but a plan at least. Inside at the grotty church camp where we are having the reception.

I doubt if I'll be posting before then, so wish me luck!



Hello to my three readers! LOL! My audience grows!

I have to say that I am getitng over Blogger rather badly at present. I've not been able to log in for a number of days or it takes several tries whilst it says I don't exist. It has eaten two posts over the last three days, and when it didn't eat my Stashomatic post, my blasted system decided that it needed more memory and shut down my browser most kindly for me! Then I write up a whole post and preview it and somehow managed to follow a link and when I went backwards VAMOOSE! All gone!

Maybe I should write this up offline. Third time lucky for the Stashomatic post. Here goes....

Imagine having a Stashomatic. Imagine a system that would neatly and quickly tuck away all your new stash into a convenient, accessible and attractive unit. It could categorise the yarn by colour, weight and type so that when you wanted to see that yarn again, it would pull it out. It could present whole shelves of yarn for your perusal…

Lotsa stuff

Hello to my reader! LOL!

I know you are out there, but I don't know why you are reading this cos you get me telling you it directly anyway! But maybe I now have TWO readers! LOL!

It's been a big week this week - the second last week of freedom before this little bird gets trapped in a gilded cage. LOL. Hmm, ok, I asked for it and I think it will be an interesting thing to do to stay with one person for the rest of my life. We've got a lot of things to do yet, like make Nathan's outfit and finish mine and get the last organising done for the reception and get the order of service done and decide who is doing what in the service.

Having the Spanish guy ask me out for coffee was pretty cool. That was all the way back on Monday. My eyes have such passion! Yeah - I was out hunting my prey! Speaking of which, here is the stash, as hunted down at Dimmeys for the grand price of 99c a ball. On second thoughts, it isn't cos someone has forgotten that his directori…