Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Toddling onwards

G'day all!

Just a quickie - I am being a very bad blogger. But I have been blogging for over seven years now. My 7th blogiversary was 10 days ago, and I totally forgot all about it, like I do every year!

I have a pair of socks to show off, if I ever remember to get pics of the finished items. I finished DH's Tardis socks in time for his birthday, though I did not put the police box words on them as I need a much lighter weight thread for that - the sock yarn was too heavyweight.


We had a most excellent party at one of our favourite restaurants here (Haiphong Harbour I think it is). 24 of Nathan's closest friends up here in Sydney. I had a lovely time crapping on (aka talking to people). Nathan made various of us get up and move around the room, reshuffling the deck to get people to talk to different people. At first I started off talking to people that I know reasonably well, and then moved to other people only two of whom I had talked to before, though that turned out well too and we had a lovely discussion about how nerves work and umm how reflexes work, especially in absence of input from the brain. I can only think of one reflex that does not use skeletal muscles (hmm, I may have just thought of another...) and neither of them are ones that we talk about in polite society. I rather offended one member (ahem) of the party, though I apologised, but the other two I was talking to were amused by my delicate terminology.


For some reason along the way, I doodled a fish that turned into a rabbit shark. Be afraid, be very afraid.... Imagine a shark that can jump like a bunny and breed like one too. (Could it jump the shark? Dunno!)

I made two yummy GF and DF cakes, and I would like to say that I very much regret polishing the remains off over the next couple of days, but umm, I don't regret it at all and would keep on eating them if any was left. Not that I am greedy or anything. I may have to make another orange and almond cake as the first one was so yummy and I still have half a bag of almond meal left and it will go off doncha know 8-) Plus one friend had a dodgy gut that evening and had to go home and missed out on the cake. Plus another friend got caught up and couldn't make it to the party.

DH wanted to go to IKEA on Sunday (!!!) and we ended up managing to get one of these into the car along with a 195cm (6'5") DH and a 200cm (6'7") friend. If you saw the size of my car, you might be impressed. (It is a five door version of the Geo Metro for my US readers.) And the 2m tall guy said "Oh, there's more room than I expected." Which isn't to say it was comfortable but if it had been my previous car he would've had to have chopped his legs off to get in the back of the car....


In more interesting news, we are booked to fly to the US on the 13th of September. 13-16 in NYC. 17-18 in Pennsylvania. 19-29 in Mountain View, CA.

I'd better start emailing a few of you, yes? It will be marvellous to catch up, though I still haven't booked our internal flights around the US (not for want of trying but more because DH is stalling on that part...).


I've been taking a picture (or several hundred) of sunsets from Glebe Point over the last while. Every evening I am here in Sydney, I am taking pics if the sunset is any good. There's been a couple of doozies recently. I've been fascinated by the sun's progression along the horizon as the days lengthen.

Anyway, more another time, like pics of the socks!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

His baby takes the evening train

G'day all!

I am on my way back to Sydney. I'm taking the train and bringing my bike with me. I decided to cough up for first class in hope that I don't get sitting next to me a pimply fifteen year old heavy smoker who has a nasty skin condition involving a lot of peeling skin which he can't leave alone... Shudder

I am glad I didn't have to move the bike and my luggage more than about half a kilometre... As it is, I'm knackered!

Oh we are off (and as I love to say, we are going as well - does off have a meaning of rotting and being stinky issue of oz and nz?).

Ps hope the pic isn't rotated but it is fairly much how I feel as present...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

White bloom

G'day all!

Some lovely spring blooms for you against a blue blue sky :)

Tests all came back clear, hooray! I am looking forward to getting back to Sydney and having a rest! I've been on the social rounds for days now and this hermit needs a break. I'm not used to seeing so many people 8)

I have three days to finish nathan's birthday socks. Pity I forgot to take them to the clinic with me, I could have had a good hour of knitting instead. 

Tomorrow evening me and my bike are off to Sydney on the train. I'm going first class :)  Percy the bike will be in a box...

And it looks like I have to book tickets to the usa too!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My bad

G'day all!

I am very bad today. The airport had a shop with all these pretty watches, a rainbow wall of colour and umm, I succumbed. $20. My old watch still works but I broke the strap and in trying to make a new strap lost half the buckle.

Very tempted by a pink watch and a blue one and a purple one... And a green one...

Off to Melbourne in minutes for my mammo and ct scan. Hope my new watch distracts me :)


Tuesday, August 16, 2011


G'day all!

Spring is certainly in the air :-)

Trees are starting to leaf out and I am sitting waiting for the bus home in tshirt (and pants you will be pleased to know no doubt...).

Tis very nice. I just wish I could get a shot of the tshirt I am wearing.  It appears that my arms are not long enough to take a picture of my side.

In another week I should have at last finished dh's socks. I started them in January or February and they still aren't done. Won't it be nice to see some crafting pics on this blog?

On Thursday I have to fly to Melbourne for the next round of cancer surveillance tests. I did the bloods last week locally (and you should have seen the bruising I got! I've still got a yellow patch on the inside of my elbow).  Then I find out how things are going in a week from today.

Thanks for all your kind comments from the last post, I really need to follow up all those that I can...


Saturday, August 06, 2011

One year

G'day all!

A year ago today I was in home after spending two days in hospital. I was recovering from surgery. The cancer had been cut out of me and was gone, hopefully never to return. Time will tell on that score!

What an amazing year it has been. So many things have happened and not necessarily good things. DH got a job in Sydney and had to move 500 miles away from me. I recovered from the operation and then did radiotherapy basically on my own, with some help from friends and family. Some friends offered me a job, a job that I enjoy. I hope I am giving them back as much value and friendship as they have me. DH was diagnosed with ADD and has continued to struggle with the repercussions of that to this day. His meds have made a big difference but when you've struggled all your adult life with being so clever yet feel like such an idiot because things that come easily to others do not come easily to you.... Two of Nathan's cousins have married, and I have been reminded of the value of family. I finally feel like part of DH's extended family. I am a bit slow on that score. I have learned so much about myself and about others. I have much to be grateful for.

It has not been a good year for knitting. I was able to knit not long after the operation but after developing lymphoedema, I've had to cut back on the knitting. I can tolerate up to about 15-30 minutes at a time. I'm a fairly quick knitter but only having up to an hour a day of knitting if I don't have other things to do means I don't get a whole lot done. I've been knitting a pair of socks for Nathan for months now, and have not finished a very cute cardie that has been waiting for umm, months (I have to do part of a button band and sew on some buttons and that is all!).

I've been sewing and quilting a fair bit. Making my own dresses is both tedious and fun. I've learned a bit more about quilting too.

I've been writing, probably too much, possibly to the detriment of family and friends, but I realise one reason for writing. It is because family and friends are so far away. I am not lonely when I am writing. The characters talk through me. It is like having another life.

I moved to an inner city suburb of a city that I have never enjoyed. I've moved away from the little wilderness of our suburban garden into a small flat with no outside area. But I have realised that nature has a way of asserting herself in the smallest and strangest places, even in the inner suburbs of the most populous city in Australia. Ferns grow on the old brick buildings. Plants find crevices to push their roots into. The thrilling call of currawongs floats on the air. It all delights me to find these little things that tell me nature will prevail.

I've discovered that though Melbourne is my home, I am pretty smitten with Sydney. Just don't make me drive around it or go places out of walking distance.

I've learned to stop. Just stop and be. It helps that just down the road I can find things like this:


I have always loved water. It amazes me that we live on a world where water can form liquid, not just ice nor just vapour. I never tire of watching water.

And sunsets are pretty grand too.

I've rediscovered a child-like wonder at the universe and where I am in it. People up here think it is funny that I look at the city as I walk along the road. It astounds me that I live where I do. I've been here for over four months now and I still am gobsmacked. If I had a Green Planet Yarn or My Sister Knits here, like I did in the US, and an outside area to have plants and a BBQ on, it would be almost perfect. As it is, it is pretty darned good. (Yes, I got over my whinge in April.)

All in all, I am grateful to still be here, to still have the opportunity to see and make and love and grow. Thanks for sharing the ride with me :-)