Watch out, she's on a roll!

G'day all!

I seem to have batches of startitis eventually followed by finishitis.

(closest to correct colour but still not right)

Today I give you the Braided Wrap. (excuse the pics - camera didn't want to use the flash and they are a bit grainy and colour-wonky even after a bit of fiddling.)

(me over and over and over, disappearing into infinity)

This is an interesting wrap made from SWTC Therapi (Rav link). The yarn has bowdler (jade) in it, along with silk and wool. It knits up quite well, with occasional lumps of extra silk or weird fluff (the jade?).

The pattern, designed by my fellow Aussie Sarah Golder, is free with five balls of Therapi.


Pretty nifty, eh? As you can see, I am contemplating making me one - this one is for the LYS.


It took less than two weeks from start to finish, at the same time as I was knitting an almost completed tank for me. I've also started an opus in crochet cotton - I am knitting a curtain from it. A LARGE curtain. 15cm down. I only have another 1.4m to go. Ackles.

PS A1 - there is a cat that looks rather like Angles across the way from us.


  1. this is soooo cute!!! Well done!

  2. It's so cute on you! You should definitely make up another for yourself.

  3. Anonymous9:59 pm

    OOoh, but does that cat bite ones head because it likes the smell of your hair?
    Mr Angles is a tard!
    pretty colour on the green

  4. That is a lovely wrap - you should definitely make one.

  5. Absolutely love this wrap!! It looks wonderful on you, too!


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