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Not much g'day today!

Ergle. I have a gut bug. Lots of not much eating (worse, not much drinking) and lots of feeling rather ill.

So much to show you too but no energy for show and tell, let alone wrangling the new computer into letting me look at the pics (easy to fix if you have the right password and some energy) or for that matter taking pics of the recent spinning and dyeing and fleece.

I really want some nice bland juice - some apple juice would do but I don't have any juice at all cos I was going to go shopping today. Shopping involves getting on the bike and riding only a mile (with the bike trailer on the back) but that is about a mile further than I feel capable of going currently! Plus DH appears to be in a meeting it seems so I can't contact him and wail for juice and maybe some soyghurt.

This too shall pass, but I wish it would be a whole lot less unpleasant about it. Hopefully next time I shall have lots for show and tell, rather than a pathetic whine!


South Park S.E.eX.

G'day all!

We took us off to South Park to have us a good time. Yeehar! See my Colorado blog for pics of the drive. For me a good time means not only a good long drive, amazing scenery, etc, but also a stash enhancement expedition!

After a bit of searching for the fairgrounds (they were not exactly hopping mind you) we found the place and the fibre!

I had a lovely chat with Carol from the Sheep Shed Studio and bought some nice tops

and a bit of yarn from her (not all is shown - one ball of Wildfoote and two of superwash yarn in true blues - camera hates true blues with a passion. Obviously it is not very Australian. (True blue meaning a true Aussie)). The pumpkin coloured tops will become something for Nathan - he likes orange.

I also picked up some nice rovings from Table Rock Llamas (mostly wool but one has a blend of llama to see if I prickle with it like i do with alpaca).

The pink and blue and brown roving is dyed with natural dyes - I didn't realise that until I got h…

Happy Harry Potter day!

G'day all!

Things are not too good around here at present. Still, we will get us a copy of Harry Potter at some point this weekend (I know, I know - we don't have it Right Now?) and will read it intently and it might distreact us from our woes (nb Ia m relatively happy but DH is in the pits). Then we will get us the Oz version cos it has a different cover and often different insides!

In the meantime I will wear my Harry Potter tshirt, the one that is the clothing brand not the book series.... just cos I can!

If we can get a car today, we are off to Fairplay (aka South park!). Hope we get the car....


Antsy, me?

G'day all!

Patiently awaiting your invite? (to Ravelry?)

Found you!

* You signed up on June 12, 2007
* You are #8553 on the list.
* 2602 people are ahead of you in line.
* 9337 people are behind you in line.
* 32% of the list has been invited so far

Want to know where you are in the Ravelry queue?

(Thanks to Donna for the heads up!)

Not that I am very fussed at present - I am so busy I can't keep up!

Here's some recent finds. Three jumpers from an op shop, two are wool blends with silk, angora, all sorts of stuff and one is cashmere! Fine fine pinky cashmere. They are destined to become yarn before I knit them up into something else.

I've already shredded the jumper on the left - the sorta apricotty one. I figure I can dye it a different colour (plum I reckon should go nicely over the current colour).

I also joined Mystery Stole 3, along with half the knitting blogsphere.

I only got my yarn on Friday night, so I'm a bit behind. I'm now halfway thro…

Hooray for kindly geek neighbours!

G'day all!

The yarnivorous travelling sideshow is back on the road! Yay!

Our neighbour is providing access to his internet whilst we work out what we are going to do. What a lovely chap!

I've been knitting and spinning and cleaning and shopping. Admittedly half of what I've been knitting is kitchen cotton but you can forgive me I hope. Not that I have pics cos I've been busy here and we only got online last night. We even have a nice (borrowed) wireless mouse! (The track pad on this stupid 'doze box has decided not to work at all now...and the ps2 port turns out to actually be an ?S video port? A video port anyway, which is why the ps2 mouse that Nathan brought home didn't fit. LOL.)

Now if I am being bad and not emailing you or visiting your website, please forgive me - the only time I have on the computer is during the day (Nathan comes home and chats to his friends online cos evening here is morning in Oz) or after Nathan goes to bed (bad for marital rel…

Offline for a bit

G'day all!

Today we move into our new rental place. It will be good!

But the only internet I'll have until we get organised will be the library. I may be able to blog from there but no photos! And I won't have a phone (either a handset or a line) so I won't be able to organise the internet either. Bwahahahahahaha! Nathan is going to have to do this!

So much to talk about, so little time. I'll probably end up setting up some posts this week so when we are back online, you'll be up to date with the gazillions of washcloths, face washers and handtowels I am knitting (we don't have peaches n creme back home or even its rip-off peaches and cream... yes I know it is pathetic. I don't even have mason-dixon knitting!), the New Bikes, the New Bike Trailer and all the other things that are happening, like me joining the mystery stole along 3 without any yarn to knit it with (lots of spinning happening too - need at least 800m of lace weight), our new place, ri…

Geisha jacketty amusement

G'day all!

I was going through the photos I pulled off the camera the other day and found some stuff that might amuse you.

Not that long ago, I said that I have done fair isle and intarsia, and showed some pics of the same. Then I said I had one more special thing to show you.

Well, tada!

(excuse the general scruffiness - I was madly packing and cleaning)

But if the front of that bat winged jacket is not exciting enough for you, check out the back!

DUUUUUDE!!!! For those who live in Melbourne, be amazed that I wore it on Chapel St about 2 years ago. It is nice and warm. The pink and green bits are particularly nice wool too - very silky merino. The red is fairly coarse, as far as Oz wool goes (so about 25 micron).



G'day all!

I have so many bits and bobs to show you and guess what?

I can't figure out how to get the things online! Y'see I am using a windoze box under not even my own account name. If I set up a connection using the connection wizard, as far as I can tell it will want me to log into our server under DH's username and password and that is a) stuff I don't have and b) annoying cos I want it in my own public_html directory, not his.

I wonder if I can run a dos shell and simply ssh in and then copy the docs across? DH tells me there is a program I can use but it seems he did not download the copying part of it, only the bits that allow him to run online chat programs and read his email from the server.

Anyway, yesterday we had a fun morning looking at a cute little cottage in Old Town and then a condo/townhome a little further away (like half a mile). We are going for the townhome. It is available now and has more of the things we want (we have not found a place ye…