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Whatever happened to the Big Apple?

G'day all!

We recently spent a week in New York City.  It's mighty convenient that DH's work is based there and they like him to visit because $400 a night for a hotel room is more than I want to pay!  Anyway, something I noticed is all the tourist tat no longer mentions the Big Apple.  It's all I heart NY.

So whatever happened to the Big Apple?  Did that advertising campaign got boring?

I don't buy tourist tat because I don't like buying tourist tat these days.  Fridge magnets and occasionally a t-shirt that is irresistible are about as far as I go.

Anyway, I spent a lovely few days walking the streets of Manhattan between about 25th up to halfway through Central Park.  Over seven days (including a day where we spent six hours on a plane), I walked almost ten kilometres a day.  On a couple of days, I walked more then 20,000 steps.

I admit that my feet were a bit tired after that but walking did feel very normal.  One of my hips started whinging too but with a …