Queen of Cups socks

G'day all!

Despite all my whinging and griping last week about being bored finishing the Queen of Cups socks, within an hour of blogging, I had the things done.

The pattern is lovely, I just don't have stamina when it comes to making two socks the same. You may have guessed this by now. I am not sure why people insist on socks being the same. Even if I do make them the same, I rarely wear pairs of socks, except for the STR Marble Arches socks cos they are thicker and heavier than various of my other handknitted socks and I notice the difference wearing one of them and say a Lorna's Laces sock.

But they are almost the same, except of course hand-dyed yarn varies a bit so one has pinkier toes than the other and I made one a little longer in the foot if I look at the pattern rows. Do I care?


Modifications? Toe up not top down. That means the pattern is upside down and only looks like cups/chalices from my POV.

Wish I could find the yarn label for the socks. I got the yarn last year, must see if I blogged it. Dangit! Can't find it anywhere. I am sure I took pics of the yarn (and label) but they could be anywhere in about a thousand pics (why no I am not someone who carefully labels each pic with tags - I am lazy! Disorganised! Not detail oriented in the right way!).

Coming next, a (part) day with the YarnHarlot. Plus I'll be putting some of the Maker Faire pics onto Victorian, on the Move cos it really isn't knitting stuff but is waaaay funky. (Admittedly tomatoes have nothing to do with knitting either but I can boast :-).



  1. As long as you're not 'in your cups', everything is OK. Socks look lovely. I am one of those people who like their socks to match!!!

  2. Love the pink/purple socks!

  3. Very pretty. Well worth that last bit of effort I'd say!


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