Spring Socks

G'day all!

These were my last FO for March. It is now pretty much the Ides of April and I still haven't blogged them. So without further ado, I give you

Spring Socks! (isn't foreshortening a wonderful thing?)

Do you think I like star toes? These are toe up socks so the swirls are created by increases not decreases.

Yarn - Hipknits, a kind gift from Mrspao for my birthday last year. I think it is a merino/angora/cashmere blend but Hipknits doesn't label their yarns with anything but their URL, which isn't very helpful. I didn't realise how lovely the yarn was until I started knitting with it and sussed that it was the same as Posh Yarn's "Emily" sock yarn. Thanks, mrsp!

The heels are different - I wanted to see how the eye of partridge worked on them.

I was aiming to knit these by Easter but of course Easter was early. However, I figured the pattern (such as it is) was perfect for this time of year. Admittedly it doesn't feel very much like spring here today - it is nearly 30C, or somewhere in the 80s for those of you unmetricated. (What a great word - unmetricated. I don't think it existed until I just typed it.)

I mucked about with the motif a bit

until I worked out a version that I like. I think the flower looks nicer on a stalk.

I was going to write the pattern up for these but it takes a bit of fussing as the number of motifs and the length of the flower stalk depend on your foot length (and how long you want the cuff). Plus the yarn is not a typical sock weight - it is more like a medium weight Socks That Rock. I'll see if I can't get the motif up so that you can place it on the socks where ever you please. That is if you want to make spring socks too!



  1. They are very pretty :)

    30C is my idea of horror! When it gets like that here it is very humid, too which is zapping.

  2. 30* is way too hot for me!! It is still in the 20s here, but the nights are getting cooler thank goodness. I like the flower on a stalk too!! Very gentle Spring colours!!

  3. They're lovely,nice and comfy too?


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