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Seattle Six

G'day all!

12 is a big number around here, being all to do with Seattle Seahawks and the 12th man - did you know that American football has 11 players active on the ground at any one time and the twelfth man is the spectators watching the game?  I didn't.  I know about the 12th man in cricket but not this thing that has been adopted here regarding what I usually call gridiron.

But I don't want to talk about American football and I don't want to talk about 12, I want to talk about six.

Yes, we have now been in Seattle for six years (and a number of days).



Where has the time gone?

This is our seventh winter - how have we managed?  Some people love gloom but we are solar powered.  And Seattle tends to be rather gloomy in winter.  I manage by making stuff like crazy, I wear bright colours, and I hang out online on Ravelry.  Without my rav mates, I'd be bored out of my brain.  I'd get a job but I don't have a work permit and that means no job for me!