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A finished object - Chemo quilt

G'day all!

It is now six years since I started quilting.

Six years!

I blame Dana from OldRedBarnCo.  She started a quiltalong that was going to be easy for beginners to do.  I already had a stash of fabric even though I didn't make anything bar the odd project bag for knitting.  Okay, so I was already itching to learn how to quilt but I needed an excuse.  She led me to the Dark Side and I've never looked back.

So I've got a few quilts under my belt now and a machine that is pretty good for machine quilting on now that I've worked out the kinks (aka buy good quality high speed sewing machine needles, tweak the bobbin tension and get smooth multiple ply thread).

It was time to finish off an old quilt.  One that had given me problems through no fault of the lead of that round of the quiltalong (JayBirdQuilts - yep part of the way she got her start was through Dana's quiltalong).  Nope, it was me who cut half the blocks out one way and half of them another way, and…

11 years

G'day all!

In wandering around looking for pics from our wedding (I have a dearth of them digitised it turns out...), I found this.

11 years today!  Crikey!  I would say how the time has flown but sometimes it has crawled...  8-)

Brave Sir Nathan
Brave Sir Nathan Conrad Leviston, to the tune of "Brave Sir Robin"
Bravely bold Sir Nathan went
To University
He was not afraid to go,
No Brave Sir Nathan
He was not at all afraid
To learn of things arcane
Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Nathan!

He was not in the least bit scared
To join a club like FOME*
Or to sit and socialise,
No Brave Sir Nathan
To lounge inside the caf
Rather than study for his course,
And to speak on many matters Brave Sir Nathan

Like Solar cells and water tanks
And Buckey Balls and gardening
And if lifting cargo into space
Upon an elevator works
He really was a Brave Sir Nathan.

Bravely Brave Sir Nathan,
A FOME camp did attend,
He was not afraid to go,
No Brave Sir Nathan,
So he quested for a wumpus
In the …

Autumn already?

G'day all!

I am such a naughty blogger - I've got buckets to talk about and then I just don't.

And then of course I forget it all when I sit down at the computer to talk about it!

Summer has been busy.  And it was hot all through June and July, and then calmed down a bit during August mostly because it started getting smoky and smoke stops a fair whack of solar radiation getting through.

And now it is flipping cold.  A week ago it was 27 C, today it was 15 C with a biting northerly wind!  I had to put a fleece jacket on and even wore one of my handknitted hats out this evening.  Oh the indignity of being plunged into Fall.

And we didn't get any of the rain that other places did this week - we did get rain last weekend but missed out on all the rain this week.  However, missing out did mean that we got some sunny breaks.

So I've been madly quilting.  I got me a new machine, a straight stitch clone of the Janome 1600P.  It goes like the clappers - can do 1500 stitche…