Sunday, April 30, 2006

Plumbing the depths

G'day all!

Well what a stinker of a day it has been here! It started off with a bit of drizzle, very light, no problemo, we can do all the outdoor work we need to in this. Except someone (moi) had a very lazy start to the day after being up for two hours in the wee hours with an unknown ailment (I think I got cold, like physically cold, not caught a cold). So at 1pm I was finally ready to face the day and the rain started. Nathan checked the radar and found that we seemed to be under the one place in Melbourne where it rained all day.


I have 6 skeins of yarn that I have to get dry (three are still in the dyepot) and everything is damp. Truly dismal. It's been grey all day (and I am solar powered). The washing is waiting to get dry. Only one drying rack can fit in front of the heater. No we don't have a drier - I hate the things and won't have one. It *is* great for the garden.

So instead of photos of what I've been dyeing and what I've been up to, you get this:

Yes, I am truly plumbing the depths when I take pictures of the bubbles in a dirty wok. Worse, when I put a pic of a dirty wok on my blog.

Plus you get this:

A TV with a tail (a tail to tell?). Not long after it grew a tail, it sprouted some very cat like paws and a head. The tail, and the rest of it, belongs to none other than

Cheshire, Queen of Ze Galaxy, seen here enthroned upon the old futon mattress (tied up with cheap orange acrylic and dumped in the loungeroom cos it can't go anywhere else, and certainly not out to the garage in this weather).

Yesterday I discovered the local Scroatfight offshoot, sparty's, has lolly bags that are big enough to fit 2-4 balls of yarn into. Excellent! Once I can reach my stash again (one wall of the fibre room is being painted and all the stuff is in the way of my stash) I can start bagging stuff up. And I found some Wilton's cake dyes, so I bought three colours to play with. Plus it had some cute little soft toys. I am a sucker for bears. I don't buy them any more cos I have more than I know what to do with, but this little bloke saw me for the sucker I am. I picked him up and looked at him, then looked at another one, but all the time I heard him saying,

"C'mon, buy me and take me home. C'mon, you know you want me!" He fixed me with his beady little stare and his quirky set of his head and stared me down with his little black eyes. Blasted smarty pants bear making me buy him.

I gave in. Then I had to go back and get a refund cos he scanned at $3 more than his label said (technically I should get him free I believe but like for $7 who was I fighting?).

Today, oh today. We wandered around Bunnings for TWO HOURS looking at stuff. So much stuff.... I did some more painting in the fibre room (that should be house blogged). I tried my hand at cooking my special bread but forgot about it and looky what happened....

GOOP everywhere!

I did some spinning (no pics cos it has been very dull all day and flash shots don't work well on my spinning) and a teensy bit of knitting and some tidying. Oh dull dull day! And tomorrow, well tomorrow is an anniversary, the first anniversary of my father dying, so I don't see it being a good day!


Friday, April 28, 2006

More autumn and too cute

G'day all!

This is yet another random post. It has been (mostly) a beautiful autumn week here. From Tuesday to yesterday it has been fine and sunny, though increasingly hazy and working on a tad of smog. Today has dawned a bit damp.

In celebration of our weather here, well until today, I give you pictures of my commute into town. Yes, sounds boring but I hope I have some lovely shots for you ;-) Then we'll have some almost actual real sorta knitting content! Y'see I got a parcel! It is a luverly parcel too :-)

Oh the glory of the morning mists!

This is the major thoroughfare to the east of Melbourne. It crosses right under Richmond station,w here I swap trains to get a Flinders St direct train. At the top left of the picture is the Nylex clock, a Melbourne landmark for many many years. The mob who own it wanted to get rid of it cos it cost too much to maintain but a heritage order was put on it, so they continue to maintain it as it is.... The pinoaks have coloured up well.

The tallest building in Melbourne turns into some sort of weird picture of Mummy drawn by a four year old when reflected in the Yarra

Ah, reflections....

The Southbank footbridge, with BAWOON! The light towers you can see are the MCG's, the seat of sport in Melbourne

BAWOONS set down in Olympic Park - see how hazy it is? The tennis centre, where they hold the Australian Open, is on the left, and the coloured trees in the foreground are in the botanic gardens.

On a different note, my good friend, Dreamcatcher, sent me a little parcel of (mostly) Welsh goodies:

Yep, that is some Fyberspates sock yarn (my first!) in Foxglove and some sheepish souvenirs and a card of weird algal rocky moundy things - most cool! The larger sheep is called Shaun, of course. Thank you, Dreamcatcher!

Cheshire had to come and check it out from an unusual angle:

These little cuties are a bit bigger than my thumbnail. I have given them a very inventive name, not - Mr and Mrs Sheepses. I would run a competition to get them a better name but I haven't finished sending off parcels yet and am feeling a tad poor. LOL. I love 'em and they are likely to grace pictures of any new fibre acquisitions.

Finally, I leave you with a picture of our green-eyed tree monster:

Nutmeg had some Ideas that she would be able to catch the wattle bird in the liquidamber, but really! These birds are smart! Smarter than our little Nut I think.....


Thursday, April 27, 2006


G'day all!

A real quickie tonight, despite me having many lovely pics to show you. I got a lovely prezzie in the mail but you'll have to wait for the photos!

First we need to see these:


Socks at Southern Cross station (was Spencer St station) waiting to catch the train! (Brits - does that livery look at all familiar on that train? Connex runs our trains.) Yarn by Jessie at a Piece of Vermont. I got some odd looks for showing off my socks to the world and taking a picture...

Fully completed socks!

I have a confession. When you see my "finished objects" you usually see the almost done but without the ends woven in objects. But these socks are fully competed! Ends tucked away and ready to wear, after a wash (I know where these socks have been!).

If I get a chance tomorrow, I will show off the lovely prezzie I got and some pics from this week. It will be picture heavy so be warned!


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Anzac Day

G'day all!

Whoops! No wonder noone commented - this was a draft not the published thing! Odd... So we go back to Tuesday.

Today is a public holiday in Australia and New Zealand, the day when we commemorate a whole lotta Aussies, Kiwis, Poms and Turks getting slaughtered at Gallipoli in Turkey, plus all the other wars and spats we've been involved in along the way. It really is for the ANZACs though (and I don't mean the biscuits featuring oat and golden syrup).

Long time readers might remember that my Pop, Mum's father, was an ANZAC. He fought at Gallipoli and on the Western Front in WWI, including at the Somme. He suffered some horrible wounds, being an early recipient of facial plastic surgery at one point, but always went back to the war - it was the best fun he ever had I think. He was a fruit loop I realise now but Granma loved him and he was my Pop. He's been dead 30 years in ?July? He scared me witless with his rough voice (the result of being mustard gassed more than once) and his shock of curly white hair (but with short sides) and his height and his disgusting sloppy bristly kisses for his youngest grandchild.

So every Anzac Day, I stop to remember my Pop and learn more about that war.

We did a lovely drive to visit my brother today. It is good to catch up with family. Then we stopped at a good native plant nursery and spent Too Much Money (again). Phil Vaughan has some great plants. He does sanctioned trips to WA and brings back cuttings of totally amazing Western Australian flora. I didn't even think of taking pics of his magnificent garden. We also checked out a place that has Hooblerstone, which we would like to use as highlights on our house when we rip the old vinyl cladding off and render polyfoam boards. Our house is not going to look the same as all the other little ranch style houses built about the same time. Oops, that is houseblog fodder.

Today was the first truly lovely day we have had in quite a few days. It was beautifully sunny. Crisp this morning - some places would've had a frost but we just got a bit chilly and sun sun sun all day long. Be-yoo-ti-ful!

The only sad thing about it being sunny? I didn't get a pic of my newly completed socks cos it was dark when we got home. I can see I am going to have to do photo shoots at work for the next few months to get stuff shown in daylight rather than under flash. But I do have new FOs! Hooray for my main Project Spectrum item! I have another to finish and have not (again) done the charity knitting I wanted to, but I did knit four or five squares to help warm Grace, so I hope that compensates a bit.

Finally, I have to tell all Aussies with a T2 (purveyors of a hundred or more types of fine tea) nearby to get yourself along and smell the chocolate chai. I am not a tea drinker but I need to get me a baggie of this so I can just sit and smell it all day long. OK, it would look a little funny if I was scoring a sniffy hit of choc chai during a training session.... I don't think I'd like to drink it though. It just could not taste as good as it smells cos it smells soooo very good! It smells better in the tin than in the little sniffy bowls they have. Even better, one of my lucky overseas friends who drinks tea in the tea-benighted USA is scoring herself a hit! Even if she doesn't like the taste, the smell is good enough all by itself :-)

Isn't it odd to see one of these

with these only a couple of metres away?

That is enough rambling for today. I am very tired, the result of a bit of driving, a lot of talking and looking and feeling rather hungry after a very long night. For some reason I can't eat tuna anymore and last night was up for a good three hours wrangling an unhappy gut. Getting to sleep properly at 4am is not much fun. If you asked me what time it is right now I would say it is well after midnight but it isn't - it's not much after 10pm.


Sunday, April 23, 2006

Gotta wear shades

G'day all!

I've got a few little pics for you to see today. I suggest for one or two of them you might need to put on your sunnies. The others, well it's been a bit dull here recently, like 30mm of rain type dull and cloudy and fairly rotten to be honest, and the second lot of pics reflect the more gentle type of weather, not our strident summers. The weather is forecast to get nicer, naturally when I'm at work, but like what is it with winter hitting a month earlier than normal? We will get three nice days then another weekend of miserable rain and we have too much stuff to do outside yet. Like plant some bok choy/other asian vegies and render the garage so we know if we really do want to do the house. (oops, this should go on the house blog, the much neglected house blog).

BTW, this is a big post....

WARNING! Sunglasses alert

Remember the rainbow yarn I dyed, the one with two different batches? Well here's a pic of an extra ball being made into a baby hat:

It is not really that bright - the camera got overexcited in the sunlight (sunlight! Oh blessed sun!). The yarn is pooling in a very interesting way over 89 stitches on 4mm needles. I keep thinking that it is a little loose in tension but I've been knitting socks for months now and I've forgotten the normal sorta tension for knitted garments. It isn't the very softest wool I've ever used, but it's still in the merino range of softness - it certainly is not a strong wool by any means. I could probably not use it as a garment for me, maybe a hat or socks but as I've said before, there is a reason why I tend to prefer cotton. The Yarnharlot would despair of me. At least I can wear most of my handknitted socks that are made of wool, but not all of them.

Speaking of socks, here are three balls of cream Hot Socks yarn I dyed up.

Two of them self stripe in clematis, raspberry and black, the other is dyed a little lighter and randomly (my thinking in doing that was that they would be better for a little girl's socks - very little black in them, or the randomly dyed one could be used as a contrast to the self striping yarn).

If you like this yarn enough that you would want to come to an arrangement with me, let me know. (I am not looking to flog lots of stuff through the blog cos that is not the sort of blog this is, but I can't use all the stuff that I like to make and I like to spread it around a little but can't afford to give it away.)

Finally, whilst watching the latest Harry Potter on DVD last night, I spun up a fair whack of neppy Corriedale and some rather yummy Wensleydale rainbow dyed tops and made this yarn:

The Corriedale softens the Wensleydale nicely but it is still not merino quality. It is very pretty and will self stripe its way through the pastel rainbow. I have no idea what to do with it. There's probably about 180m of it. Enough for mittens and a small scarf? But I couldn't wear it.

There are too many quizzes below. The first one is a particularly stupid rubbish thing - I don't particularly agree with it. Me a hunter soul, totally driven and ambitious, hating to be alone? Plus I had to fix a bunch o typos in it. OK, I have typos in my blog all the time, but this isn't something that is replicated by people sticking it on their blogs....

You Are a Hunter Soul

You are driven and ambitious - totally self motivated to succeed
Actively working to achieve what you want, you are skillful in many areas.
You are a natural predator with strong instincts ... and more than a little demanding.
You are creative, energetic, and an extremely powerful force.

An outdoors person, you like animals and relate to them better than people.
You tend to have an explosive personality, but also a good sense of humor.
People sometimes see you as arrogant or a know it all.
You tend to be a bit of a loner, though you hate to be alone.

Souls you are most compatible with: Seeker Soul and Peacemaker Soul

This is more like it! Yeah! That is a fab nerd score!
I am nerdier than 87% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Me - really a dog instead of a Fire Horse (or a Horse at the Gate)? I thought I was more a cat, but there are no cats in Chinese astrology, only tigers.
You Were Actually Born Under:
You've got a ton of energy - and need plenty of room to roam.
You tend to follow your whims, and it's hard for you to stick to one thing.
Specific jobs, loves, and friends are always changing and never a part of your life for long.
Very intuitive, you tend to know what people are thinking before they say a word.

You are most compatible with a Dog or Tiger.
You Should Have Been Born Under:

You are totally loyal, faithful, and honest.
However, you don't trust others to be as ethical as you are!
Straight forward and direct, you really aren't one for small talk.
You are a great listener - and an agreeable companion when you're in a good mood!

You are most compatible with a Tiger or Horse.

If you have gotten this far, here are a couple of links I found fascinating - one about how too much choice can make us anxious and depressed (I suffered this today looking at some beautiful glass jewellery) and one about what makes a terrorist. Both are very good reads. The terrorist one raises very important issues - marginalise a group of people and they become vulnerable to all sorts of influences.

That'll do you for the moment!


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Amazing fluff

G'day all!

Something I like about spinning. This:

becomes this:

and then navajo plied becomes this:

It amazes me how a pile of fluff can be tamed and turned into something I can knit with. It is green (fern) at one end and mauve (hibiscus) at the other, and blue in the middleish. This latest skein is one I thought I should give away but I just can't. I like it Too Much. It reminds me of pansies for some reason and violets. It has to be mine! Plus it is a bit wonky - you can see wonky spots. How could I give someone something so imperfect??? LOL I am still learning what ratios are best on the little Gem. Who still remains nameless - it is just the New Wheel. I am not good at naming things, in general, though cats are pretty easy. Then again we took about two weeks to name the Nut!

She's a bit blurry in this shot cos she was going to snozzle the camera (I just made snozzle up - it isn't a real word), but it captures some of the essence of the Nut.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Well well well

G'day all!

Well that scared you all off! Hardly a comment today. After the excitement the other day... well well well.

Tonight is stitch marker night. And I have to go over the training for tomorrow which I am vastly underprepared for. Tomorrow is big training day and if I get a chance a day to mail off some overdue parcels.

I might get a chance to knit up another square or two for Warming Grace, but they really have to go ASAP. They are supposed to be in Canada by the end of the month and mail from here to Ca seems to take two weeks - dunno why.

The Project Spectrum socks for April are closer to being finished - half a repeat of colour to go, including the ribbing, then only the heels to add in. I seem to have misplaced the sleeves for my blue top in progress. Haven't seen them for days.

OK dokey. Time to go do stuff that isn't blogging, like put the dyed yarn away. I am sure I can find a use for it. Plenty of babies around, or something for me. I am still happy to sell it but I am getting no interest now I have put a price on it. Obviously people don't think it is worth that!


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Open slather

G'day all!

Seems like my little dyeing adventures are causing a wee stir on my blog. Quite frankly I am scared halfway witless - I didn't expect half a dozen people to start jumping up and down and squealing ME ME ME!

Here's the deal. Whoever is first to ask for the yarn wins it. You can email me or leave a comment and whatever lands in my email box gets it. Tell me what you want. First in best dressed. Up for grabs,

I have four skeins of the yarn on the left of the picture:

measuring about 90m each (some have more, some have less) for 50g of wool. It is 100% pure new Australian wool, spun in China, dyed by me with food dyes set with vinegar. From what I can read on the web unless stored in sunlight, the colours should last pretty much as long as whatever you make out of the yarn. The yarn is soft and knits up at a little less than 8 ply/DK/worsted weight. The rainbow colours include pink and mauve - a warning if you are thinking great for a little boy - as can be seen in this picture:

Price: AUD7.50 a skein ($30 Australian for the four of them) plus postage.

I have a further four skeins of a slightly lighter dyelot - by no means pastel, just not as intense. Same price and other details. Two of these are shown on the right of the picture.

Then there is the mohair blend - moahir, wool and nylon binder.

It is dyed black and grey with magenta/pink/plummy highlights using a commercial acid dye. I have not yet managed to get a representative shot of it, so there are a couple of shots there. The mohair is not the soft kid but is not as rough as 1970s mohair, which was like wearing a hair suit. I could not wear this against my skin, but then I can't wear much other than cotton against my skin. There should be over 500m of yarn in this bundle of 150g of yarn. It will knit up as somewhere around an aran weight. Note that one skein is brighter and lighter than the other two skeins - that is the joy of hand dyed yarn! Cos the dyeing is uneven and the yarn not as soft as currently fashionable, the price is lower than what I should charge.

Price: AUD20 plus postage.

Be warned, we have two cats. If you are severely allergic to cats, I suggest you do not want this yarn - it is guaranteed to have a cat hair or two in it.

Within Australia, you can direct credit my account, outside I can take paypal. Be warned that mail to the USA often takes longer than 10 business days (though I have had two parcels arrive in 5 business days recently - go figure!). Mail to the UK usually takes about 5 business days. I can't pick on the mail service to the USA - I have had mail to Tasmania, only 300km or so away, take as long as mail to the USA, and mail to remote places in WA can take four weeks.

So if you are first in, I email you (I'll need your email details) to find out where you are and what sort of mail you want. I can then quote a price for postage. When I get paid, I'll send out the package as soon as possible. :-) I'll let others know if they have missed out. I don't know when I'll be doing more dyeing cos my weeknights are busy and my weekends frenetic at present.

Business over, back to pleasure. My home delivered newspaper ended up against the front window today, so I didn't see it until I got home. This means I did a LOT of knitting on the train - over 30 rounds of April Project Spectrum sock got done. Hooray! I only have another repeat of the colour and the afterthought heels to do before I can wash them and wear them!

Speakign of Project Spectrum, our sunsets over the last three days have been lovely - they've featured a lot of orange. Tonight's was no exception:


Monday, April 17, 2006

The smell of the rubber

G'day all!

Well we learned something this year.

Go away for Easter unless you *like* the smell of burning rubber.

Yep, it was Easternats at the racecourse near us. We are used to the big V8s of the supercars roaring around - the local (and I do mean local -it is only a km away) race track is home to the Holden (GM) V8 supercars, so they test them on Sunday mornings during racing season.

Easternats means that every man and his dog (plus quite a few chics) with a halfway decent tricked up car descends upon Sandown Park. If you are a hoon, you go there. And you burn LOTS of rubber. The wind was from the north today and egads, was it awful! The morning involved lots of big V8s roaring and revving and apparently doing burnouts all the way around the track. Then at about 3 this arvo they started on the burnout championships. I kid you not, it was like we were in a fog, only it stunk of burning rubber. And of course today was the first halfway decent day to get the washing dry.

So next year we go away for Easter.

But one thing that was great? The coppers and the EPA were set up on one of the local arterial roads. They were pulling over ricers and anything that looked a bit hotted up. I saw one ricer pulled over on my way out to do some shopping with a very resigned looking driver leaning on his car (strangely enough the ricer was not an Asian p-plater). On the way back, a V8 Holden (I call them Commodes because despite being a toyota driver, I am a Ford girl through and through) was pulled over and being given the full throttle (in neutral) treatment whilst they evaluated the exhaust. It snapped and crackled and roared just as I went past. It scared the hell out of me cos I am pretty sure it only had a drainpipe for an exhaust, not a legal muffler. If the driver is dumb enough to be out and about in his show car rather than something that is street legal, he deserves what he gets (the drivers are mostly, not always, blokes who drive the big V8s).

So in the best of Australian terms, SUFFER IN YER JOCKS, MATE! Take that as a bit of payback for making our lives stinky this lovely long weekend!

Apart from that, the weekend was fabulous. We did lots and saw things and made stuff and spent waaay too much (but Nathan has an extra bit of income soon, which will help).

I was going to show some of the dyeing I've been doing. Now considering all bar a handful of mylovely readers are away, or at least not reading blogs, I will not put it up online quite yet, cos I want everyone to have a chance at open slather on it. I do intend to sell the stuff I've dyed, and I want to dye more. Here's a sneak preview of one and the other of the lots that are dry.

I did not knit a stitch today. I wound LOTS and LOTS of wool though. Hours of winding and skeining. I think I'll be dreaming of winding and skeining.

Finally, I leave you with this lovely caterpillar.

We were in Bunnings today and saw some plants that we've wanted for a while and they were a very special price, so to speak. As I examined them, I discovered that they have a whole heap of these lovely grubs on them. This one is pretty close to 2 inches long (you can see my forefinger top phalange in the background). I hope it won't eat too much more of the plant and will soon pupate - I want to know what sort of moth or butterfly will hatch out.


Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hey, where did everybody go?

G'day all!

I feel like I must've done something socially unacceptable (dropping a whoopsy in the middle of a crowded room?). Where did everybody go?

Everyone must be busy for Easter. I've been busy too - busy planting and dyeing today and helping a friend move house on Friday. The moving was pretty good - we had borrowed the big station wagon from the PiLs and got to see the new, owned house, along with the old rental place. Purplexity is rather keen on Cookie Monster so we had p0rn star Cookie Monster, about two feet tall, arrayed on hot pink and purple shag cushions reclining in the rear window of the car.... I don't think Purplexity was that amused, but Cookie Monster was pretty happy looking. Of course he always is happy if there are cookies. We also got to see a lot of wonderful autumn colours - this is the best year for colourful trees that I can remember. The long summer with the sudden cold snap must've sent the trees over the edge. Driving through suburbs that are 50-90 years old means that there are lots of old deciduous trees because many of the gardens are quite English. The colours are fab.

Tomorrow I might get to post some pics of the autumnal colours around here. I wish we had taken the camera on Friday - some beautiful images, but I don't really want to drive most of an hour across town just to get some pics. Tomorrow I hope to post pics of the most recent dyeing experiment. And I will show off our wuss of a liquidamber tree - it is on the firing line, I tell you! Other trees are going pretty colours. It is green, with a few yellow leaves here and there. Very blah! We would prefer a much more interesting tree - a Stenocarpus (can't find a good pic of one that shows tree and leaves and flowers) for example if we must have a tree that can grow to over 20 m tall in our small front yard.

Surprisingly little knitting has happened, despite evenings just made for knitting. I have no idea what I am doing instead - reading books we bought, watching tv, playing with yarn, putting together parcels for a few people.... but how could that occupy a whole evening? Crawling the web, desperately trying to find updated blogs (yes yes I should use bloglines...), reloading my mail time and time again, waiting for comments and replies to emails I've sent... wondering where to buy cellophane bags or at least decent presentation bags so that I can start bagging up yarn to flog on ebay. Supermarket bags just don't cut it for me. I'll try a parties and paper bag supplier or two. I just have to remember what to call them so I can do a yellow pages search. OK, that is where the evenings are going!

Egads, time for bed! I've got a long day ahead of me tomorrow - helping DH with his new fish/rainwater storage tank, shopping for some extra goodies, dyeing more yarn. Hooray for Easter! Hooray for four days off work! I reckon I would be a very happy woman if I didn't have to work five days a week.


Saturday, April 15, 2006

We have a winnah!

G'day all!

Well the eleventy-first (plus a thousand) commenter is:


Yes, Jessie of Vermont, USA, come on down! Well maybe not that way, or that way, or, umm... crikey, I am digging myself into a hole here. Oops, that might be considered a bit rude too. Anyway, Jessie, let me know what you would like - colours, lack of colours (ie yarn to dye), type of yarn, spinning stuff (somehow I have a LOT of merino! That may be due to us Aussies growing billions of them), whatever!

Possible knitting content tomorrow, but don't hold your breath! It was an excellent day for knitting in front of the heater today yet for some reason I hardly knitted a stitch. I did get another square done for Warming Grace and spun up some yarn (possibly hohum yarn, have to wash it to see if it is a goer or if I should've left it as a single...). We went out and spent lots of money cos we are very very bad people who can't stick to a budget anymore, got some good books (not a knitty book amongst them! cos our bookshops don't like good knitting books, not even Borders had what I'd call a great selection and the only one I wanted, Handknit Holidays, was $60. Ouch! I can get it cheaper, including shipping from Amazon, which sucks badly cos it is bad to ship stuff by airmail from the US or wherever, but I WANT!). We also got some more plants for the garden cos it is Easter and we aren't getting chocolate, we are getting plants! You can't eat these plants, which is a good thing cos my body is telling me winter will be long and cold and I really should eat a lot more. If it was chocolate I might eat the whole lot in one sitting, which would make me very ill and feel very fat...

What should I do with my stash? I've realised that I don't want most of it but I can't bring myself to just give it away. We aren't that flush with money that I can afford to throw it out or give it to charity. It will take me about 10 years to knit up a thousand scarves, and a million years to sell them all.

This random post (there seems to be a lot of it going around) brought to you by


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Because I am fickle

G'day all!

I'm blogging on a Thursday night! This is because DH doesn't come home until late. I've already done a rack full of dishes (apparently it was my turn, again... and again...) and put dinner on. Now I have time to blog!

Today our interpid explorer ventures out of the confines of the office and into the wilds of the city. Yes there will be some knitting content, and you'll see in what way I am fickle.

A park 5 minutes from work (if the traffic lights are kind). The ash trees are changing colour.

No good camouflage here for the knitting.

The best trees are about 10 minutes away (if the traffic lights are kind) outside Jeff's Shed (the Melbourne Exhibition centre, not to be confused with the Melbourne Exhibition Buidlings which are at exactly the other side of the CBD).

They are right next to the Polly Woodside, the clipper at rest in this shot.

Pretty colours, but do they provide camouflage?

I think so!

Yep the mate to the sock I knitted last month, a mateless sock that has been awaiting April's project spectrum colours. Jessie dyed the yarn and you too can buy yarn off her website! Just scroll down to see what she has been up to and then hop across to her commercial website... Anyway, now you know in what way I am fickle - I've thrown aside the lovely gradient sock to make a pair of socks!

The building I work in reflected by the buidling across the road, with a plane tree doing its drab sorta autumn thang

The view from my new desk - southwards

Southeastwards - I live about 18 miles out behind the brown buildings. Nope, can't see home from the city!

And the things I look at most out my window:

The Yarra (and the trainlines)

And the Bay (Port Phillip). There are often little yachts sailing around on it, at least on good days. In the big pic you can see the Mornington Peninsula vaguely - it wasn't very clear today. That is about 100km/60mile drive to get to there. I love going down the peninsula. I love going to Dromana and raiding the wool shop there, and the craft shop. Oops, the secret is out!

Finally - some things awaiting my arrival at home. We have some ratty old chairs on the front porch, now with a ratty old blanket on them and the cats love to sit there and watch the world go by (rather like their humans!).

Today's handy dandy typing tip? Make sure that you put the F in SHIFT. Especially when saying "shift from one side to the other." Otherwise, it puts a hwole new spin (ahem!) on what you are trying to convey.

Hooray for Easter! I am not a Christian, so for me it is four days off work.


PS - I am nearly up to the eleventy-eleventh commenter on my blog. Someone will get a prize! You gotta be in it to win it!