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Autumnal travels

G'day all!

I've been quite busy recently.  MiL and FiL visited and we saw lots of things.  DH took several days off, which meant we could go for a drive earlier this week and see a bit more of Washington state.  We had a lovely break and it was wonderful to catch up with MiL and FiL - they had just been in Italy and Jersey.

I think I should start up my travel blog again - it has been mouldering for a while now and it's not like I don't have plenty of pics for it!

Anyway, it has meant that I haven't had a lot of time for knitting or quilting or blogging.  Or work.  Ahem.

I have been knitting a very pretty pattern called "Wildberries".  Those of you on Ravelry can look it up.  I was knitting away and it was knitting up pretty quickly and I was very pleased with my progress.  I had gotten halfway around it...

and then I tried it on.

Oh woe!  It was too long!  I had added a few stitches cos I thought it would be too short but when I sat down I realised that t…

October already?

G'day all!

The year is really starting to wind down now.  I'm noticing that the sun is sitting a lot lower in the sky, and it is yet to sink really low.  I dunno how those who live in the arctic or antarctic circle can cope with not seeing the sun.  It's bad enough when we get to eight hour long days, if the sun comes out!

Anyway, we've had THREE WHOLE DAYS of sun!  It has been glorious!  It's not going to last but I've been trying to soak up as many rays as I can whilst also doing important things like tidying and cleaning in preparation for the in laws.

Yep, MiL and FiL are arriving on Thursday.  I can expect to be busy! What am I talking about - I already am busy!

 I still can't talk very well - I've gone backwards today and I think its because yesterday I got the hiccups.  They were quite bad.  I was making some really dreadful noises - thank heavens only DH was about.  I couldn't stop them using my usual trick (thanks kbell even if it d…