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Washed away

G'day all!

It's raining.  Surprise!  Welcome to Seattle in winter.

Actually, we've had a pretty mild and dry winter, comparatively.  I've been able to go and watch sunset around three or four times a week.  When we moved here three years ago, we had Snowmageddon and then I remember cold front after cold front after cold front blowing through.  It was a bit of a shock after an Australian summer and I didn't really have good wet weather clothing.  And I think I saw about two sunsets in the first month.

But I learned!  I learned to get insulated raincoats - normal raincoats just are not warm enough.  I learned that microfleece is really warm.  I learned to not use an umbrella and just wear raincoats.  I do have a brolly in the door of the car for those occasions when I get caught out but I tend not to use it much.  My mum would be shocked to see me tromping around in the rain with my raincoat and my snowboots (warm!) or my hiking boots (apparently only water resistant…

Winners are grinners, Jan 2015 version

G'day all!

I am so bad!  I didn't do the draw for the contest yesterday!  (I got a little bit busy cos it was a sunny day and I had lots to do outside.)

So we had four commenters and with two calendars to give away, the odds are pretty good!  So I put the names into a hat and drew two out, and the winners are:



Pat Hensley!

Ladies, please send me your snail mail addresses to me at natiel311 on gmail.

I think I'll have to get back in the habit of posting small amounts often - I keep saving things up and then forgetting all about them!  I'm doing heaps of quilting at the moment, or at least building quilt tops and a bit of knitting, and I'm avoiding the housework...


Did you hear that whizzing sound?

G'day all!

That whizzing sound is time flying right past.  I've not been posting much because I've been busy, oddly enough.  There's also two parts to the time flying by, but more on that later.  A happy, if a bit belated, New Year to you all!

Christmas was super busy and I didn't have much access to my computer.  We did manage to get everything ready enough for MiL and FiL to have a relatively comfortable room, and we got various things out into the garage like the spare bed stuff and the organ pedals and now the lounge room doesn't look like a storage facility, yay!

I picked up a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, about an hour and a half before Lowes shut.  I tried to go to the local nursery first but they shut 10, no five minutes before I got there.  Lowes gave me the tree for free - a nice little fir nearly six feet tall if you included the bare nubbly branch at the top, cleaned it up, loaded it and all!

I guess that is a nice thank you for all the money we …